Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafting Over Christmas

Hi all,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, allbeit a bit late now.

Well I have recovered from the Christmas Craft Challenge for 2009 and although I haven't actually started planning it yet I am happy to say that I have convinced myself (and hopefully one or two others) to repeat it all again this year for Christmas 2010 only this year we will NOT leaving the planning until the two weeks before December.

I had a very nice Christmas break. We went away camping, limited cellphone reception and no internet access so it was a complete technology break (except for my ipod which I did take, though don't recall actually listening to) however I did manage to get some scrapbooking done even by the light of the old faithful gas lamp on a couple of occassions. 

I pre-prepared some layouts that I wanted to do some handsewing on, then took my needle and thread and just relaxed as I sewed my heart out. Here are the projects I managed to complete while camping in a tent in a camping ground with hundreds of other people.
Baby's First Christmas: Sonia-Marie pre-Christmas preparations including her first visit to get a photograph taken with Santa and dressing the Christmas Tree.
My First Toothbrush: At eight months Sonia-Marie already has six teeth and I couldn't resist taking pictures of her "cleaning" her teeth (even though it looks more like she is just eating the toothbrush lol).
Beer Babes Hic:
My nephews Jordan and Dallas and the incriminating evidence that will no doubt turn up on their 21st birthdays showing them "drinking" at an early age.

No Man Is An Island:
Kurt in the middle of the bay at Wenderholm Park

Relaxing Southern Style:
Pete relaxing during a visit to my parents in Christchurch.