Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WTH - A Layout a Last

I finally felt like doing some scrapping over the weekend. Only one layout but its a start. I've looked at these photos time and time again and wondered what on earth to do with them. Finally it came to me... something a little tongue in check and definitely humourous!! I just hope that my sister Keryn and friend Raylene don't hate me when they find out I've done it. Oh well... C'est la vie.
I created this for a sketch challenge on the Crafting Passionz Forum.
Cream cardstock; Patterned Paper - My Mind's Eye Lost & Found; Tickets & Notes - Pink Paislee Parisian Anthology; Glitter Letters - Bella; Tim Holtz Walnut Ink Distressing Ink, Photo Mounts, Glossy Accents, Journaling Pen... and three unforgettable photos.

The journaling reads:
"I always thought the photographer was supposed to catch you looking totally gorgeous on your wedding day... NOT like something that even Atilla the Hun would cower from!!!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

More Colour Warm Ups

I really enjoyed creating my last lot of colour warm ups so I decided to do some more a few days later. This time I went for a cool colour palette as I have some layouts to create for my nephew's baby album (even though he's nearly 2). I figured doing something in blues would get me into a more masculine mood.

A bit of playing later and these are what I came up with... no layouts but at least I'm feeling a little more creative. I might need to invest in a stop watch or an egg timer so I move to the actual creating from the warm ups.

1 -  Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - I created this one after the third one so just used the paint still on the spatula. This meant the paint was thinner and pre-mixed before I spread it on the card. Once dried spritz with glimmer mist. I ended up with some really well patches of glimmer mist so I moved the cardstock to get some drips. 
2 -  Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - This was really just cleaning off the excess paint from the spatula. In some places it is thinner but in other thicker layers.
3 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. Once dried spritz with homemade mist and glimmer mist. The homemade mists were also dripped on the cardstock to give the distinctive circles.
1 -   Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers & Glimmer Mist I removed the dabber from the Radiant Rain and painted the cardstock directly using a Zig Water Brush. Once dried spritz with three different glimmer mists and colour mists. 
2 -   Acrylic Paints - Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. I passed over the cardstock several times, filling in any gaps to add colour. Kind of looks like waves.
3 -  Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - This was really just cleaning off the excess paint from the spatula. Once dried spritz with three different glimmer mists and colour mists.
1 -    Acrylic Paints - Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. I passed over the cardstock several times, filling in any gaps to add colour. I used the light green to lighten the blues which were looking quite dark. The lighter colour range seemed more suited for a page for a young child.
2 -   Acrylic Paints - Small blobs of 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at one end of the paper. Then spread in a straight line using a mini spatula.  Once dried spritz with glimmer mist.
3 -  Acrylic Paints - This was really just cleaning off the excess paint from the spatula. The olive circles were blobs from a paint dabber.
1 - Heat embossed powder, Acrylic Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist - I stamped the cardstock with clear embossing ink, dusted with white embossing powder which I heat set. I dabbed the entire card with black paint dabber and wiped it down with a tissue especially over the embossed part. Finally I spritzed with two contrasting glimmer mists.
2 -    Heat embossed powder, Radiant Rain Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist - I stamped the cardstock with clear embossing ink, dusted with clear embossing powder which I heat set. I painted the entire card with Radiant Rain paint using a Zig paint brush and wiped down the embossed part with a tissue. Finally I spritzed with glimmer mist.
3 -   Heat embossed powder, Acrylic Paint Dabber, Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Mist - I stamped the cardstock with clear embossing ink, dusted with white embossing powder which I heat set. I painted over the embossed image with Glimmer Glaze then  wiped down the embossed part with a tissue. Finally I spritzed with glimmer mist. 

1 - Metallic Acrylic Paints -  Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. As I created this one second, the paints had partly pre-mixed on the spatula. I love the mixture of the copper and pewter paints.
2 -    Heat embossed powder, Acrylic Paint - I stamped the cardstock with clear embossing ink, dusted with white embossing powder which I heat set.  Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. Then wiped down the embossed part with a tissue. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Card

It was my granddaughter's third birthday last Friday though we had her party on Saturday. I made her a very simple card using one of my colour warm up creations from yesterday's post.
I cut out the number 3 from the painted tag. Attached it with foam squares then went around the edge of the number using Kindy Glitz so it would stand out from the background paper.
I wrapped all her presents in brown paper (I love using it as it is so versatile). On one of the larger flat presents I added a very quick Princess collage using some foam stamps and paint.
Given the paper was going to get ripped off in a fairly short time frame I just did something really simple (but cute lol).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colour Warm Ups

I finally sat down and did some warm ups before my crafting which turned into my crafting because I was enjoying just playing with my craft supplies.
Some things turned out better than others (way better) and some things... well lets just call them part of the learning and creative process LOL.
1 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers - This started off looking quite cool... then I added the brown which came out a little faster than expected... so it blobbed... learning curve LOL
2 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers - More brown problems though I really like the end result of the brown over the top of the pink especially how the pink shimmer shows through adding texture.
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber - Layered gold, pink & brown... and once again brown overtook everything (you would think I would have learnt by now). The brown was too overpowering so I spritzed with water then dried with a scrunched tissue. Finished with spritzed gold mist. I really like the effect of adding the spritzed water to add texture and an unexpected depth of pattern. Will be trying this again!!
1 - Glimmer Glaze - Thicker lines are using the hard brush inside the cap of the bottle. The thinner lines are using a Zig Water Brush. When added thicker and darker, the glazes have a real shine to them compared to ordinary paint.
2 - Glimmer Glam (Cookies & Cream) - I bought this purely because of the name LOL. This has a beautiful delicate white pearlescent look with the specks of "chocolate" sprinkled throughout - totally delicious, almost good enough to eat!!
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber, Adirondack Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist & Homemade Mist - All kinds of bits and pieces here!!!
1 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers & Glimmer Mist - Dab and pull with the paint dabbers. Once dry mist. Interesting and unexpected outcome of the misting was the re-wetting of the paints caused some bleeding of the colours - quite a nice effect.
2 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. Once dried spritz with glimmer mist. Be sure to look at tomorrow's post on the card I used this piece on.
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber, Adirondack Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist & Homemade Mist - Covered half in paint dabber, half in Radiant Rain paint dabber then misted. At first I thought all my hard work disappeared with the misting but it's grown on me and I really like the subtle textures created by this colouring.

1 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Create waves as above. I love these Autumn colours. This will definitely make another appearance at some stage.
2 - Acrylic Paints - Create waves as above. I love these "Mardis Gras" colours and the interesting texture they created as they blended together. Don't ask me how I did it because I'm not 100% sure. If I can recreate it, you can be sure  will share.
3 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Create waves as above but this time in a tight waving movement. I didn't like the end result here, the waves weren't distinct enough but I did like the texture look comparing thin layer of paint to the thicker layers of paint. Needs more experimentation.

I enjoyed not having any pressure on me to create anything in particular and lets be honest that is one of the key reasons for this warm up process. Sure the purpose of the exercise is to warm up your creative mood/thinking/process before you get into creating "proper" but it is also about freeing yourself of preconceptions, fear of making a mistake and just letting yourself just go for it in your creating.

Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY - Tags

After watching Dina's video about Warming Up before creating (part of the Creative Jump Start Video Blogs Series on Nathalie's Studio)and having seen all of Tim Holtz amazing tags I went on the hunt for luggage tags so I go give it all a go myself, instead of just using scraps of cardstock as I usually do. I was also thinking ahead for all the Tag Swaps I sign up for.

I went to Warehouse Stationery and found small tags (I think #5 size). Would you believe 5 tags for nearly $6.00 - I nearly died!!!

Being financially challenged at the moment, I decided there had to be a way to still get the same result but for considerably less money.
I was able to find cream coloured cardstock (same colour as the buff/manila luggage tags) A4 210gsm 12 sheets for $6.00. From each sheet I can get 3 #8 size tags as well as having left over strips for smaller tags, journaling blocks and the like. The equates to 36 tags per pack of cardboard - so less than $0.20 per tag - considerably cheaper than over $1.00 per tag.
The quality of the card is nice and the only other requirement was a little of my time to cut them up. The entire pack took all of 20 minutes to cut up, once I had determined the optimal cutting pattern to get the size of tags I wanted.

Ranger Products sells tags in sizes #5 and #8 - which to little ole New Zealander me meant nothing. So a little internet searching and I was able to get the sizes for each of the tags.
#5 - 2 3/8" x 4 3/4"
#8 - 3 1/8" x 6 1/4"

I am already to do some Creative Warm-ups before I start crafting over the weekend. I will share some of the results over the next few days. Be sure to come back and check out my "Exercising"!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration Bombs 2

So recapping from my last post...
Feeling a bit funky (not in a good way)...
Lots of crafty ideas, got the MOJO (I think)...
But no idea where or why or how to start...
I'm not sure that my problem is a "Scrap Block" issue more of a needing to jump start my creative juices issues.

So I'm looking for some Inspiration Bombs!!!

Did your mother ever tell you... "If you didn't hurry up and clean up your room", "go do your homework", "wash the dishes" or any one of a hundred other things; then she threatened to put a bomb under you???

Well that's what I'm looking for... some figurative bombs to inspire my creative juices to start flowing and get my crafting going. {So poetic}

I know there are lots of ideas out there. Everyone has them. I also know there are some dated, overworked, over hashed, been around forever ideas and I also know all that not all of them work for everyone.

I've heard of...

  • Scraplifting someone else's work
  • Scraplifting your own work
  • Taking a challenge
  • Following a sketch
  • Using a journalling jar
  • Changing projects
  • Changing scrapping style... net curtains instead of drapes... (Carrie that's for you)
But what other new, refreshing, different, inspiring ideas are out there? 
What works for you?

What has been an epic fail... and what has been an epic success?

At the start of the year I signed up for a series of free video blog classes being run by Nathalie Kalbach from Nathalie's Studio (Click on the link for free tutorials) along with a number of her incredibly creative and artistic friends. The first video in the series was by Dina Wakely from Dinastamps.

Dina talked about the warm-up process that athletes follow before they exercise, practice and compete and compares that to crafters. She posed the question... why don't we (crafters) also warm up before we create in order to get us more productive? Why don't we warm up before getting down and getting dirty (so to speak) to get us more into the mood to be creative? 

Being a proponent of "new age" things such as visualisation and motivational talking my first response was doh - why didn't I think of this? (I should also add that as a former competitive tap dancer and tap teacher... this should have been second nature to me... obviously it has been TOO LONG since I last had my tap shoes on.)

Do you warm up before you get into getting crafty?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspiration Bombs

I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment. Given I've recognised that and admitted it; I'm hoping that means I'm on the road to recovery or at least plateauing instead of continuing to meander along meaninglessly.
I also recognise that I need to do something about it, so the problem is now what to do.
I'm guessing and playing at self-therapy here, that in order for me to "Un-Funk" myself I need to sort out what is causing the "funkiness". I also need to find some inspirational triggers, methods, or just inspiration bombs to help me achieve this.
At the moment I have a long list of creative projects on my "TO DO" list and I dare say I'm not the only crafter who will admit to that. So I can safely say that my problem is not what to do or even how to do it, it's more of a problem of want to do it. I just don't seem to be able to decide where to even start.
It's not that I have lost my MOJO, because I do have ideas on what to do... lots of them. Designs, techniques, page layouts all ready to be tried. It's more that I have lost the impetus to even start to create.

So my lovely friendly and incredibly helpful friends, followers and blog readers... I put this question to you... how or why or where do you find the inspiration to start creating?
Are you...

  • A PLANNER - You decide what you want to work on. You plan it, design it, sketch it first, come up with the colour scheme, paper selection, pick your photos, embellishments and then set about pulling everything out to create
  • A DOER - You just pull out photos, tools, cardstock, patterned paper, adhesive, embellishments, paints, whatever and start creating
  • A FOLLOWER - You scraplift, maybe with your own added flare or a direct copy of what you are scraplifting. You follow a sketch, a challenge with a list of requirements or instructions. You use a kit which has everything you need except consumables like adhesive and inks.
  • Or are you a combination of all three of these?
Does your methodology change depending upon the project or do you like to work in one particular way so you stick with the good old tried and true?

I'd really like to get your feedback on this, so please leave a comment or a link.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Stories Design Team Application

Alas I wasn't one of the lucky winner's in this competition but then given it was my first EVER Manufacturer's Design Team Application, so I'm not too distraught. I've chalked it up as learning experience and confidence booster and proof to myself that I can do it. No more putting off opportunities... now is the time to just go for it.

I'm sure the successful members of the Simple Stories will be absolutely amazing and I for one look forward to seeing what they come up with for this amazing range of products.

So here are the two projects that I created using the Simple Stories products specifically for my application.

LAYOUT - "Poppa and Me"
This is a picture of my darling Hubbie and my equally darling Granddaughter. It was taken the day of the funeral of my step children's late maternal Grandfather. This was also the day of the devastating earthquake down in Christchurch that killed so many people and destroyed so many lives.
Before the funeral we went and placed flowers on their Mother's and Great Grandmother's graves as well, to let them know we were thinking of them. Hubbie took GD for a walk (in reality he went chasing after her when she ran off). She walked down to a rubbish bin, took off one shoe, then he finally convinced her to walk back, albeit one shoe on, one shoe off.
I remember thinking how absolutely adorable they looked together.
The background is red cardstock (brand unknown), layered on are two papers from the Simple Stories "Year-ography" range. The White with words is "Blue/Newsprint" while the red is the "Red/Mini Calendar". I shaped them using two of my trusty self-cut templates then distressed inked the edges using Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Vintage Photo". I then splashed and dripped watered down gold acrylic paint to add to the shimmer on the page.
I simply embellished the page using some Rosies Paper Lace in cream which I lightly distressed with the left over gold paint and one of the 4" x 6" Sentiment blocks from the "Vertical Journaling Card Elements" patterned paper. I distressed the edges lightly with a little more gold paint to tie it with the rest of the background.
The photo I aged digitally using one of the vignette's from Photoscape.

MINI ALBUM - "Destination - Earthquake Central"
At the end of March I am heading down to my home town of Christchurch. This will be the first time I have been there since all the earthquakes started in September 2010. I wanted to create a mini album to record my first visit and the changes that I recognise from when I used to live down there.
The mini album is held together with three ring binders, so I can easily add additional pages on the go while I am down in Christchurch or after I get back to Auckland.
I used patterned pages from Simple Stories "Destinations" collection. The front and back covers are covered in Destinations - Journey patterned paper. The insert is the reverse of the burgundy. I distressed the hounds tooth pattern with Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Mustard Seed, Vintage Photo, Fired Brick and Crushed Olive. I wrapped the patterned paper around from the inside of the cover and distressed the edges. For more on this technique see here. The letters on the front are also part of the Destinations collection.
The pages are all created using various pages from the Destinations collection. Some are full size (5 1/2" x 8") while others are smaller. I also have three pages that are made from paper bags in various sizes. These all form pockets that I can put memorabilia in, journaling cards or additional pictures.
Hopefully you can see these and the fold out pages as well in some of the pictures of the album below.

Once I return from Christchurch and have added some journaling, pictures and memorabilia I will share the finished Mini to show all the pages and tags and bits and pieces.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tutorial - Favour Bags

Welcome to my step-by-step tutorial on how to make these simple favour bags.
You will have seen them in my earlier blog post on the Valentine's favour bags I made for a swap. I was lucky enough to find a great tutorial on You Tube by LiveLoveScrap which you can view here or follow along with my step by step tutorial below.

In the video tutorial Bona (LiveLoveScrap) uses a printed waxed paper. It looks gorgeous in the video but I didn't have any and haven't actually seen any here in New Zealand, though I'm sure you can order it online from somewhere if you wanted. Instead I did a good old Kiwi "she'll be right" trick and substituted for what I did have on hand - vellum and I think you will love the end result, just as much.

Here are the finished samples from the Valentine's blog posting. I will be using different papers for the tutorial, but that will just show you the versatility of this simple design. 

Note: From one 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock you can make two of these favour bags. As we will be using double sided patterned paper, you can do one favour bag using each side of the paper and have them look completely different or with a common theme depending upon the embellishments you add.

Ingredients and Tools:

1 sheet 12" x 12" heavyweight patterned paper - I used Simple Stories Destinations "Travel Notes"
1 sheet 12" x 12" vellum or 2 sheets A4 vellum - this can be plain or printed if you so desire, though I do suggest that you ensure it coordinates with the patterned paper you have selected. Also bare in mind how much the patterned paper shows through the vellum will depend upon how transparent the vellum is.
Double sided adhesive
Decorative scissors or a border punch... you will be cutting through 2 layers of heavyweight patterned paper so consider this when choosing your punch. I killed two border punches making the Valentine's favour bags and ended up resorting to decorative scissors.
Lace, tulle and ribbons to decorate. (Lace and ribbons you need enough to wrap around both sides of the favour bag with a little over reach for finishing. Tulle - if you wish to make a hand pleated tulle ruffle, you will need enough tulle to wrap three times around the favour bag.)
Paint - Optional
Stamps - Optional
Cuttlebug - Optional
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder "Gem Flourish"
Pearls or bling
Flowers, feathers or the like to embellish
Strong glue to hold embellishments on. I recommend Helmar Tiger Grip glue as this always works for me.


Cut double sided patterned paper into two strips 6" x 11" making sure that any pattern runs in the right direction - the 6" is the side seam.  Cut the vellum to the same size 6" x 11" or slightly shorter if desired. (I wouldn't go any shorter than 5 1/2" x 11". 

Score each the patterened paper at 3" and 8" from one side.

Although I love the Simple Stories Destinations "Travel Notes" patterned paper I wanted to add to the scrolls to show through the vellum, so I stamped the corner scroll from the My Minds Eye "Enlightened" clear stamps pack using Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber - Lemonade.

Score 1/2" up from the bottom across all three panels (Take care if your pattern has a right way up)

Cut off the bottom 1/2" at the score line on both the left and right panels i.e. from the edge to the 3" score line and from the 8" score line to the far edge. This will leave you with a tab (or a tongue) hanging down from the centre panel.

Fold the two sides in along the score lines and glue or adhere these together with double sided tape. Some people like glue, I prefer tape as I'm not patient enough to wait for it to dry. Then fold up the bottom tab and adhere this to the back to form the patterned paper bag.

With the vellum, this time don't cut off the bottom tabs, leave it complete. Don't pre-score the vellum but instead wrap it around the patterned paper pocket and fold the vellum to fit around the patterned paper envelope. This will ensure you get a perfect fit every time.

Adhere the vellum together then try to slip the vellum pocket over the paper one again to double check fit. 
Carefully fold both layers of the vellum up and towards the back seam.  Adhere the two layers of the vellum pocket together along the bottom edge then adhere this in place to form the bottom of the vellum bag.

Cut or punch the upper edge of the patterned paper envelope to give it a decorative edge. 

Optional step - Remove the vellum bag and insert it between a dry embossing/texture folder and run through your die cut machine. You could also use a something like your shape boss and stylus or a stencil and light box to achieve a textured look. You could also leave the vellum plain.

Slip the vellum bag back over the top of the paper bag (Make sure both seams are at the back).

Layer your chosen lace, tulle or ribbon around the two envelopes adhering in place with double sided tape or the equivalent.

    Finish off your favour bag with some bling and flowers. You might also like to add a tag with a sentiment. As I'm not sure who I will give these bags to I will leave this off for the time being and add something when I want to use them as gifts.
    As mentioned you can get two bags from the one sheet of patterned paper. Below are both bags.
    These are really easy to make. Once you have sorted your products and tools, you could probably make two bags in less than an hour depending upon drying time and how much decorating you choose to do to your bags.
    Once completed all that is left to do is fill up the favour bags with all the goodies for the lucky recipient.

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    The Intervention Gets Under Way...

    My great plan was to get the studio completely rearranged on Auckland Anniversary weekend as Monday was a public holiday which meant no work. Add to that the friendly weatherman had also predicted fine weather for the entire weekend and it looked to be a shoe in to happen... but it didn't.
    The next weekend was another long weekend as Waitangi (New Zealand) Day fell on the Monday. 
    So guess what I did... and I managed to rope not only dear hubbie but also step son and nephew into helping me. Of course as the later two are teenagers, they required payment but the slave labour wasn't too expensive and the good news was they helped to speed up the process considerably.

    So we...
    Emptied the studio almost completely... left the cupboards and boxes around the outer edge in place but cleaned out everything else.
    Swept out the studio creating the world biggest indoor dust storm... along with some musical interludes of "broom guitar hero".
    Finally laid the carpet down in the studio.
    Completely rearranged the studio and turned the entire contents 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
    Then brought everything back inside.

    It was half way through this last step that the sky started to cloud over then turn dark and menacing so the returning everything back into the studio became somewhat of a race as wouldn't you know it... paper and water don't always play nicely together.
    So things kind of got dumped any where and everywhere but at least they got there dry, intact and in once piece.
    The plumes of dust come out to great me.
    Thank goodness we have a big back yard. (And lets play spot the ranch slider to no-where - whose silly idea was that Mr Previous House Owner??)
    Nephew Scott (L) and step-son Kurt (R) doing the sweeping.
    The rock star himself... need I say more!!??!!

    And then everything was brought back in and dumped on whatever clear surface area could be found...

    Now to turn this into some semblance of order, so I can actually find things when I want.

    I am in Love...

    Truly, madly, deeply and head over heels in love 
    with the three new Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations dies I just bought.

    I know I'm a little late coming to the party with these as they have been around for a while now. 
    Let me just say...

    • All good things come to (s)he who waits.
    • Patience is a virtue...
    • Never run after a man or a bus. There will always be another one.
    • Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.
    • The secret of patience is doing something else in the meantime.
    • Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
    • Patience is passion tamed.
    I digress...
    I have been promising myself to get some of these dies since I first laid my eyes on them. I have lusted after them much as a chocoholic might lust after Cadbury's favourites in that tapered, sexy, purple box, with the see-through window that gives you a hint of the delicacies enclosed. The bright coloured wrappers that caress the aphrodisiacs encased within. The merest hint of luxurious decadence that wafts from the slimmest of cracks in the top of the box. The craving educing pictures on the back of the box that expose the naked flesh of the chocolate morsels after you have stripped them of their gowns of foil...

    I finally did it.
    I am now the proud owner of these dies...

    I tried my new babies last night, through some card (recycled cereal packets) and can I say that these cut the best of ANY of my die cut dies... hence why I felt the need to gloat and extol their virtues.
    There seems to be only one small piece that does cut well, but I'm still investigating the cause. Overall however, a definite 10 out of 10 for ease of use, through a thick material. I will definitely be getting a whole lot of use out of these in the very near future.
    And if you are in the South Auckland area remember these dies and all my other tools are available for use during Friday night crops. For more information about dates of crops, studio address and to book your spot either email me paula@scrapfx.co.nz or send me a message through my website www.scrapfx.co.nz - just click on "Contacts" - you'll find that listed on the left under Information.