Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tutorial - Favour Bags

Welcome to my step-by-step tutorial on how to make these simple favour bags.
You will have seen them in my earlier blog post on the Valentine's favour bags I made for a swap. I was lucky enough to find a great tutorial on You Tube by LiveLoveScrap which you can view here or follow along with my step by step tutorial below.

In the video tutorial Bona (LiveLoveScrap) uses a printed waxed paper. It looks gorgeous in the video but I didn't have any and haven't actually seen any here in New Zealand, though I'm sure you can order it online from somewhere if you wanted. Instead I did a good old Kiwi "she'll be right" trick and substituted for what I did have on hand - vellum and I think you will love the end result, just as much.

Here are the finished samples from the Valentine's blog posting. I will be using different papers for the tutorial, but that will just show you the versatility of this simple design. 

Note: From one 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock you can make two of these favour bags. As we will be using double sided patterned paper, you can do one favour bag using each side of the paper and have them look completely different or with a common theme depending upon the embellishments you add.

Ingredients and Tools:

1 sheet 12" x 12" heavyweight patterned paper - I used Simple Stories Destinations "Travel Notes"
1 sheet 12" x 12" vellum or 2 sheets A4 vellum - this can be plain or printed if you so desire, though I do suggest that you ensure it coordinates with the patterned paper you have selected. Also bare in mind how much the patterned paper shows through the vellum will depend upon how transparent the vellum is.
Double sided adhesive
Decorative scissors or a border punch... you will be cutting through 2 layers of heavyweight patterned paper so consider this when choosing your punch. I killed two border punches making the Valentine's favour bags and ended up resorting to decorative scissors.
Lace, tulle and ribbons to decorate. (Lace and ribbons you need enough to wrap around both sides of the favour bag with a little over reach for finishing. Tulle - if you wish to make a hand pleated tulle ruffle, you will need enough tulle to wrap three times around the favour bag.)
Paint - Optional
Stamps - Optional
Cuttlebug - Optional
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder "Gem Flourish"
Pearls or bling
Flowers, feathers or the like to embellish
Strong glue to hold embellishments on. I recommend Helmar Tiger Grip glue as this always works for me.


Cut double sided patterned paper into two strips 6" x 11" making sure that any pattern runs in the right direction - the 6" is the side seam.  Cut the vellum to the same size 6" x 11" or slightly shorter if desired. (I wouldn't go any shorter than 5 1/2" x 11". 

Score each the patterened paper at 3" and 8" from one side.

Although I love the Simple Stories Destinations "Travel Notes" patterned paper I wanted to add to the scrolls to show through the vellum, so I stamped the corner scroll from the My Minds Eye "Enlightened" clear stamps pack using Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber - Lemonade.

Score 1/2" up from the bottom across all three panels (Take care if your pattern has a right way up)

Cut off the bottom 1/2" at the score line on both the left and right panels i.e. from the edge to the 3" score line and from the 8" score line to the far edge. This will leave you with a tab (or a tongue) hanging down from the centre panel.

Fold the two sides in along the score lines and glue or adhere these together with double sided tape. Some people like glue, I prefer tape as I'm not patient enough to wait for it to dry. Then fold up the bottom tab and adhere this to the back to form the patterned paper bag.

With the vellum, this time don't cut off the bottom tabs, leave it complete. Don't pre-score the vellum but instead wrap it around the patterned paper pocket and fold the vellum to fit around the patterned paper envelope. This will ensure you get a perfect fit every time.

Adhere the vellum together then try to slip the vellum pocket over the paper one again to double check fit. 
Carefully fold both layers of the vellum up and towards the back seam.  Adhere the two layers of the vellum pocket together along the bottom edge then adhere this in place to form the bottom of the vellum bag.

Cut or punch the upper edge of the patterned paper envelope to give it a decorative edge. 

Optional step - Remove the vellum bag and insert it between a dry embossing/texture folder and run through your die cut machine. You could also use a something like your shape boss and stylus or a stencil and light box to achieve a textured look. You could also leave the vellum plain.

Slip the vellum bag back over the top of the paper bag (Make sure both seams are at the back).

Layer your chosen lace, tulle or ribbon around the two envelopes adhering in place with double sided tape or the equivalent.

    Finish off your favour bag with some bling and flowers. You might also like to add a tag with a sentiment. As I'm not sure who I will give these bags to I will leave this off for the time being and add something when I want to use them as gifts.
    As mentioned you can get two bags from the one sheet of patterned paper. Below are both bags.
    These are really easy to make. Once you have sorted your products and tools, you could probably make two bags in less than an hour depending upon drying time and how much decorating you choose to do to your bags.
    Once completed all that is left to do is fill up the favour bags with all the goodies for the lucky recipient.


    CREATIVE M said...

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!I remember I saw this earlier and loved it!!TFS

    ScrapFX said...

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    I love that it is so simple to make and you can make them without any flash and fancy tools and it still looks gorgeous. Fantastic for a gift that is functional... always a plus for me!!