Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colour Warm Ups

I finally sat down and did some warm ups before my crafting which turned into my crafting because I was enjoying just playing with my craft supplies.
Some things turned out better than others (way better) and some things... well lets just call them part of the learning and creative process LOL.
1 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers - This started off looking quite cool... then I added the brown which came out a little faster than expected... so it blobbed... learning curve LOL
2 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers - More brown problems though I really like the end result of the brown over the top of the pink especially how the pink shimmer shows through adding texture.
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber - Layered gold, pink & brown... and once again brown overtook everything (you would think I would have learnt by now). The brown was too overpowering so I spritzed with water then dried with a scrunched tissue. Finished with spritzed gold mist. I really like the effect of adding the spritzed water to add texture and an unexpected depth of pattern. Will be trying this again!!
1 - Glimmer Glaze - Thicker lines are using the hard brush inside the cap of the bottle. The thinner lines are using a Zig Water Brush. When added thicker and darker, the glazes have a real shine to them compared to ordinary paint.
2 - Glimmer Glam (Cookies & Cream) - I bought this purely because of the name LOL. This has a beautiful delicate white pearlescent look with the specks of "chocolate" sprinkled throughout - totally delicious, almost good enough to eat!!
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber, Adirondack Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist & Homemade Mist - All kinds of bits and pieces here!!!
1 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabbers & Glimmer Mist - Dab and pull with the paint dabbers. Once dry mist. Interesting and unexpected outcome of the misting was the re-wetting of the paints caused some bleeding of the colours - quite a nice effect.
2 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Small blobs of 3 or 4 different colours of acrylic paint placed at intervals up and down the paper. Then disbursed using a mini spatula (credit card or the like) moved the length of the cardstock in a loose waving movement. Once dried spritz with glimmer mist. Be sure to look at tomorrow's post on the card I used this piece on.
3 - Radiant Rain Paint Dabber, Adirondack Paint Dabber, Glimmer Mist & Homemade Mist - Covered half in paint dabber, half in Radiant Rain paint dabber then misted. At first I thought all my hard work disappeared with the misting but it's grown on me and I really like the subtle textures created by this colouring.

1 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Create waves as above. I love these Autumn colours. This will definitely make another appearance at some stage.
2 - Acrylic Paints - Create waves as above. I love these "Mardis Gras" colours and the interesting texture they created as they blended together. Don't ask me how I did it because I'm not 100% sure. If I can recreate it, you can be sure  will share.
3 - Acrylic Paints & Glimmer Mist - Create waves as above but this time in a tight waving movement. I didn't like the end result here, the waves weren't distinct enough but I did like the texture look comparing thin layer of paint to the thicker layers of paint. Needs more experimentation.

I enjoyed not having any pressure on me to create anything in particular and lets be honest that is one of the key reasons for this warm up process. Sure the purpose of the exercise is to warm up your creative mood/thinking/process before you get into creating "proper" but it is also about freeing yourself of preconceptions, fear of making a mistake and just letting yourself just go for it in your creating.

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Carrie said...

Cool idea and some of those warm up pieces look really cool too.