Monday, August 26, 2013

Recycled Storage for Mists

I'm slowly building up my selection of Lindy's Stamp Gang spray mists and up until now they have just been sitting in the original plastic bags that the sets came in. While functional they weren't exactly pretty... so I decided to do something about how I was storing them.
I had a box sitting around from some bulk baby wipes I bought at the supermarket. The box was the perfect height for the Lindy's bottles. It had a lift up lid so I removed this and cut the sides on an angle so it still retained the strength of the box while making the bottles easier to see. (It looks more like a display unit now).
The top edges were a bit rough after cutting the extra bits off, so I covered the upper edge on all sides with some leftover Kraft cardstock strips folded from the outside, over the top and then inside the box. I painted them with a mix of acrylic paints - KasierCraft Antique White, Plaid Champagne Metallic and Pebbles Inc Yellow.
I covered inside and outside the box with some old patterned paper from my stash. I distress inked the outside pages only with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut Stain and Black Soot.
Around the bottom of the box, I adhered red buttons of various sizes with Helmar 450 liquid glue.
To finish the box off I adhered three flowers from I Am Roses to the top right hand corner which I had misted to add some shimmer.
Don't my Lindy's mists look great... and with them out on my desk where they are so easy to reach, they will definitely be getting plenty of use.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 34

I nearly forgot to take today's picture... well I remembered this morning but then it was so wet and miserable outside that I forgot but then when I came down to the dungeon tonight I remembered so it was only a near miss...
I don't know why I haven't noticed this before... I love the textural look. Obviously it's metallic but having established that, it could be any number of things based on this picture taken without the flash.
Then I took a picture with the flash. I was pleasantly surprised with this picture as I thought all I would end up with was flash flare and the picture wouldn't be even view-able... but I was wrong. Does the second picture help you discern what the object is from?
Here is the reveal... not very exciting to be honest. It's our front loading dryer. We used to have a front loading washing machine as well but it decided it didn't like washing our laundry any more so it's currently sitting by the garage waiting for the in-organic rubbish collection sometime in the near future.
It is a completely metal, shiny silver at that, encased tube... which was why I was surprised at how well both the second and third pictures came out. Not a sign of flash blinding at all. I wish taking pictures of all shiny objects was this easy!!
Moral of the story... don't assume that just because something has a shiny metallic surface, that is always going to bounce back the glare of the flash.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas

At last I have been able to complete the video for the Mixed Media Canvas I created. You will have seen on my earlier post that I had a few issues.
Well I have finally been able to resolve all of my technological issues and the video (including my first ever voice over) has been successfully uploaded and is now available for viewing on YouTube.
Watch the video here or on YouTube for a very speedy version of how I created this awesome mixed media canvas. (Speedy as in I managed to cut down over 2 1/2 hours of video of my crafting to just under 14 minutes speedy - phewwwww.)

Be sure to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel if you haven't already done so to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming projects and creations... or just to hear me waffle again.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas... and a technology fail (for now)

I slaved over this project for a few days... longer than I expected it to take.
Then I slaved over the video so I could post it on my YouTube channel and use it as my Design Team Application for Faber Castell Design Memory Craft but the technology in my life decided it was not going to cooperate so after three attempts at editing the video I missed the deadline... oh well there is always next year.
If anyone is willing to sponsor a completely new video recording system, then all donations will be gratefully accepted and used... just putting it out there to the universe LOL.

In lieu of a step by step video tutorial... for now I wanted to share some pictures of the finished project... my first but definitely not my last altered canvas. I will attempt to edit the video once more having downloaded an updated version of my software... so fingers crossed it works this time. If I'm successful (and you will probably hear the hoops and hollers of joy) then I will update you with the link... if not, then I guess I won't. (You all know that right about now it's personal... it's me or the software and I'm not giving up just yet!!)

The canvas is 6" x 12".
Background colouring done with Faber Castell Gelatos - Peach, Guava, Lavender, Bubble Gum and Earl Grey blended together into a random pattern.
Heat embossed over the top with VersaMark ink and Detail Black Embossing Powder from Stamp Effects using the KaiserCraft "Crackle" clear stamp.
Edges all inked with Tim Holtz Distress Inks - Walnut Stain and Black Soot.
Torn corrugated cardboard, lightly painted with Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber - Snow Cap.
The sentiment (my own creation) was stamped onto white cardstock scraps which I had coloured using the same colour combination of gelatos. It was stamped with Archival Ink - Jet Black using Hero Arts Basic Upper and Lower Case Peg Stamps.
The words were all cut out individually then edged with a Tombow dual tip pen using the brush end before being adhered in place with Glossy Accents.
The polymer clay torso from Kimi at Unique Scrappiness was washed with a mix of gelatos and water.
The flowers from I Am Roses were all coloured in one of the following techniques:

  • Gelatos with water to create a water colour - painted
  • Gelatos with water in a spritzer bottle - misted
  • Lindy's Stamp Gang - misted
The twisted stems are chenille pipe cleaners covered with florists tape which was then rubbed with Faber Castell Gelato - Chocolate and misted with Lindy's Stamp Gang Mists - Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Truffle.
The tag was a "Luggage Tag" from Jillibean Soup. This was scrunched up and distressed with Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Walnut Ink and Black Soot.
I included some Steampunk Metal Charms from Faith at Artistic Creationz. They were painted lightly with Faber Castell Gesso which was wiped off with a baby wipe before it had dried.
And finally close up of the two sides showing the embossing wrapping completely around the canvas... easier said than done, but well worth all the effort.
I really love the end result of this project. All the stress and technology EPIC FAILS... aside, it was well worth it and I can't wait to find the perfect spot to put it, so it can inspire me every time I look at it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm more than a little cracked...

The theme for this month's ATC's for Artistic Creationz Group is "Shattered Pieces".
It took me a little bit to decide what I wanted to create for the swap but then I remembered one of the stamps I had recently invested in... from KaiserCraft "Crackle" Clear Stamp... anyone else see the light bulb go on?
I had some scraps of heavyweight Kraft cardstock so I cut these down to size - 2.5" x 3.5", standard ATC size.
Other than using the "Crackle Stamp" I had no idea what I was going to do so I decided to pull out my Faber Castell Gelatos and just go with the flow... and just see what cracked first.
If you have followed my blog or just looked back over earlier posts you will have seen my post on my DIY colour swatches. Since I made these way back in October 2012 I have continued to update them as I have bought more inks and mists. I have added swatches for all the Lindy's Stamp Gang mists I have bought and I also now added swatches for the Faber Castell Gelatos I have bought.
When I started to experiment for these ATC's I wasn't sure what combinations of colours to use, so I pulled out the swatches for the gelatos and picked my combinations based on what colours went well together using the swatches. I have to say I ended up with some combinations that I probably wouldn't have picked had it not been for the swatches and I really love them. If you don't already have swatches for your various products, then I highly recommend them, especially if you don't always feel confident combining colours, but also if like me, you like to experiment but don't want to have to rely on lifting someone else's colour combinations.
So I picked my various colour combinations - I made five ATC's all with different colour combinations, for each of the participants in the swap. I randomly coloured each of the ATC bases with the selected colour combinations, starting with the lightest colour in each set and working through to the darkest colour.
I misted a little water to help the colour blend with my fingers. Once the first layer had been blended I added a second layer of colour to get the intensity of each colour that I wanted and to smooth out the blending even more.
Once all the colours had been blended to my satisfaction, I set the Faber Castell Gelatos with my trusty heat tool. I have to confess that at this stage, I did briefly contemplate what on earth I was doing because I was still a little uncertain as to the colour combinations and what I was doing in general... but I kept going (as you do) with the thought in the back of my mind that I can always either a) just keep adding more colours and products until I get what I want or b) throw it all out and start again from scratch.
So I decided what the heck... lets use the KaiserCraft Crackle stamp with some fine black embossing powder and VersaMark ink and see what I end up with.
Can I just say... "NAILED IT"...
The embossed "cracks" just pulled everything together for EVERY colour combination... I was ecstatic... it was even better than I expected.
I was on a roll, so I pulled out some Lindy's Stamp Gang mists... not a lot just an ever so subtle shimmer.
Then a touch of Indian ink around the outer edge for some oomph power and definition.
I finished with a quote from Helen Keller that fitted with the "shattered pieces" theme. I got a little stuck here and ended up making three different versions of the quote until I achieved the look I wanted.

  1. Individually stamped letters for the quote... ended up being too big, wouldn't have seen all my hard work on the background!!!
  2. Hand written in a block, black ink and then I tried colouring over the top with a gelato... just looked blah and bordering on YUK!!!
  3. I coloured some leftover scraps of white cardstock using the two lightest colours from each ATC so it would coordinate, blended with my finger and a little water; hand written quote using a American Crafts Precision Pen 3mm; cut into individual words and cropped quite closely... WINNER!!
I adhered the words in place then traced around each word with Indian Ink using my Zig water pen as I find this always give me an incredibly fine and controlled line.
I followed this with another quick mist of the various Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays... and they are finished... well except for the sign in on the back.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 33

All the 3's 33... flashback to going to Housie (aka Bingo) with my Nana....

I was fortunate to pick up some second hand chairs for my craft studio really cheap a year or so ago. They're all different colours but I don't care as they are considerably more comfortable than what I used to have.
I love this motley grey fabric. It's hard wearing and so industrial but it still just appeals to me.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Art Journal Page

It's been a while since I did anything in my Art Journal so I did a very quick page that I really love.
It's simple.
It's bright... you may need sunglasses!!
It was inspired by two of my favourite Mixed Media Artists who's blogs I follow religiously... the ever charming Donna Downey who I have told you before I love and the totally off-the-wall but who thinks like me which is quite scary Aaron from Imperfect Impulses. I have been watching their respective channels a lot lately and both have almost a take it or leave it, it is what it is, I'm no perfectionist style of Art Journalling which I love and which encourages me to give it a go, because Lord knows I am far from perfect especially with my art journaling!!

I started with a gessoed page as my blank canvas.
I had been playing with my Faber Castell Gelatos earlier in the weekend to colour my flowers and they were still on my desk, so I picked out a few colours and just proceeded to completely cover my page. For this I used - Lime which I blended with Green Tea and Red Cherry which I blended with Bubble Gum.
I coloured the two green first, then repeated the exercise with the red and pink.
When the page was entirely covered, I spritzed water over the page and using a paint brush blended the two pairs of colours together, starting with the greens.
When all the gelatos were blended I sprinkled water using my hands over the page. The green had almost dried naturally by then, so the water did not have much effect on it, but on the red/pink, the water pulled up the colour so when I dried it with a roll of paper towels, the colour lifted allowing the white gesso to show through giving like a bleached out look in spots across the red and pink.
As I rolled the paper towels over the entire page, some of the red and pink came off the paper towels onto the green in the texture of the paper towels. The transference of colour, while not planned, looks really good... so I must remember to try that again (on purpose).
I dried the page with my heat tool, before drawing some lines with black Indian Ink which I allowed to drip down over the green.
I then left the page to dry naturally.
 The completed page... though I should add a date somewhere to be really completed, not that I've done that on any of my other pages, but I guess I need to start somewhere...
I really like the "bleached" look from sprinkling water on the still wet gelatos, letting it sit for ten seconds or so then drying the page with the paper towels to lift off the colour where the water was dripped. You can also achieve something similar by misting water over a stencil or template. 
Some of my drippage. Alas I don't have a dropper, so I had to improvise (as we Kiwis do) and I made do with the refillable ink well of a Parker Calligraphy Pen from back in the day when I was teaching myself calligraphy. It was a bit awkward and not the easiest thing to control, but it did the trick. It'll have to do until I can afford to go and splurge on a dropper!!
Just a little close up of the transference of ink and the texture from using the paper towels. Unexpected... but good.
I know it's a really simple page, but I like it and that's all that matters. I tried some new products, some new techniques and improvised where I didn't have the tools to do the trick... but isn't that what art is all about!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shares of Grey - Week 32

Last week we had some absolutely glorious days, given it is still the middle of Winter.
And then the weekend arrived and so did the bad weather.
The good news is that the sky is grey... so photo opportunity...
These were all taken from my front door step looking up at the sky through the fine misty rain... shortly before it began to absolutely bucket down!!
 Close up of the grey... no extras...
And then with the extras so you can see where the close up came from. We back onto native bush donated to the local Council and those trees are really tall. I love that we can't be built out... but the bush is so tall that it blocks out a lot of sun... and means lots of spiders and creepy crawlers and rats and mice!!

 I know you're not supposed to take pictures looking into the sun... but this was just too nice. I really love the rays of sunlight... brings me hope that Spring and warmer weather will soon be here!

Swap - Altered Flowers

So carrying on from yesterday's post about the altered chipboard letters for the "My Favourite Things" embellishment swap on Artistic Creationz website... I've also added as one of my other embellishments some flowers I have altered/coloured to match the chipboard letters and ribbons included in each participant's bag of goodies.
Now I have to confess, I wasn't planning on sharing these... why, because you are probably sick of me extolling the virtues and raving about how much I love my Lindy's Stamp Gang mists... and I don't want everyone switching off because you are sick of my raving or just jealous because you want some too. And especially as I posted about some altered flowers earlier in the week as well. But these flowers just turned out so well that I just have to share them and also because I did something a little different this time... some more experimenting with some of my supplies.
I originally thought about misting the colours on for a change but let's be honest, two toned roses just look so much more natural. Yes the Lindy's Stamp Gang mists are two toned... but I wanted to kick it up another notch before I put them away for a few days. So I pulled out my Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos and my Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels to see if they would play nicely with the Lindy's Stamp Gang mists.
And the answer is an emphatic YES!!
I just love these even more than I loved the last bunch of flowers I coloured... and I didn't think that was possible.
So here are the altered/coloured flowers for the swap. Once again I've taken with and without camera flash photographs so you can see the difference. The only other thing is that this time I used Ivory not White roses from I Am Roses.
Don't they just look stunning!! 
Left - Base colour was a light blue oil pastel with Lindy's Stamp Gang Tiffany Lou Blue dripped on the edge of each petal.
Right - Base colour was a dark blue oil pastel with Lindy's Stamp Gang Buccaneer Bay Blue highlights.
Left - Base colour was a Faber Castell Gelato in Guava with Lindy's Stamp Gang Witch's Brew Purple on the edge of each petal. This is definitely one of my favourite colours - I love the blue shimmer in there.
Right - Base colour was a mix of dark grey and black oil pastels with Lindy's Stamp Gang Screamin' Banshee Black which also has a deep blue shimmer to it. 
Left - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Butterscotch with Lindy's Stamp Gang Golden Doubloons for accents. Without the flash it almost looks creamy... but with the flash you can definitely see the beautiful golden colour that it really is.
Right - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Chocolate with Lindy's Stamp Gang Dark Chocolate Truffle on the tips of each petal. 
Left - Base colour was a mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Lime and Green Tea with Lindy's Stamp Gang Freaky Franken-Lime for on the tips of the petals. This is also one of my favourites because that green is so luscious and intense.
Right - Base colour was mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Guava and Bubble Gum with Lindy's Stamp Gang Cotton Candy Pink on the tips of each petal to accent. Unlike the altered letter yesterday, you can really see that gorgeous pink colour on the flower here.
Left - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Blood Orange with Lindy's Stamp Gang Hag's Wart Orange for total yumminess. This would have to be my favourite colour combination of all of them. I really love this orange!!
Right - Base colour was a mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Red Cherry and Chocolate with Lindy's Stamp Gang Cadbury Milk Chocolate on the tips of each petal as an accent.

I only have a few Faber Castell Gelatos at the moment which is why I had to use some of the Portfolio Series Oil Pastels, not that they didn't do the job equally as well. 
There are a number of lessons to be learnt from all of this experimenting - 
  • Don't be afraid to mix up your products and tools to get the effect that you really want
  • Don't be afraid to use scrapbooking, paper crafting and mixed media art products on other types of projects, rather than just their originally intended use
  • Don't be afraid to drip your mists, or add water to your gelatos and oil pastels to turn them into a paint so you can colour or alter items for your projects
  • And finally don't be afraid to do something different to what everyone else is doing... it's your art, so you can do whatever you want with whatever you want!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swaps - Altered Letters

Last month and this month, I have been put in charge of the swaps on the Artistic Creationz Group. This was the first time I've hosted any swaps there so I decided I'd do things a little bit differently to try to pump up the interest in the monthly swaps.
The July swaps, which are to be crafted and posted to me by the end of August have closed but the August swaps are still open for sign ups, so if you are up for a challenge then pop on over, sign up and join in the fun. The group website is There is a fantastic group of people on here from New Zealand and Australia and we are looking for new members to join in with all the fun, so be sure to pop by for a look and to sign up for all the fun and of course the swaps.
Here is a run down of the swaps for July:
  • ATC Group Swap - Theme: Shattered Pieces
  • Art Journal Partner Swap - Open theme, swapping one on one with partner
  • My Favourite Things - Group Embellishment Swap
I'm still working on my ATC's (well actually I haven't started, but I have been thinking about them) and I'm half way through making my art journal for Karley (my partner for the swap)... so alas you will just have to wait on pictures of those but I have just about completed pulling everything together for the embellishment swap.
For the swap we have to create packs for all the other participants which include the following:
  • 3 pieces of lace 12" - 18" in length
  • 3 pieces of ribbon 12" - 18" in length
  • 3 other embellishments of your choice
We had 11 people sign up for the swap - way more than anyone, especially me, was expecting. So to be honest that all adds up to be a lot of lace and ribbon and stuff... but just think about all the goodies we will be getting in return!!
I'll show you one of the things I have made for my other embellishments because I really love the way these all turned out.
I started with some chipboard alphabets that I picked up at the Warehouse years ago. I love them, but haven't used them a lot of late, but then I've been a bit lapse in creating layouts recently... so these were the perfect starting point.
I coated the letters and surrounds in gesso then allowed that to dry before painting on some Lindy's Stamp Gang mists in various colours from my collection.
Once this painted layer of colour had dried, I then used the same colour of mist but added some drips and spots to add some interest and some WOW shimmer factor!!
I've added my usual with and without camera flash pictures so you can see both the colour and the shimmer these incredible two-tone mists from Lindy's Stamp Gang add to your projects. Once they really haven't photographed all that well. The colours are much brighter and the shimmer much shinier in real life!!
 Here they all are lined up together. With eleven in the group, I've had to create 10 sets to give to the other ladies. Usually I also create an extra for myself, but this time I didn't.

For Fiona and Faith - the purple looks the same in both pictures but the gold looks really different. These two colours were - Witch's Potion Purple and Golden Doubloons.

For Tracey, Teresa and Tai. These colours are Buccaneer Bay Blue, Screamin' Banshee Black and Dark Chocolate Truffle

For Leanne and Jeanette. These colours are Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Cotton Candy Pink - both these look darker in real life!!??!!

For Dawn, Sue and Brenda. Freaky Franken-Lime, Hag's Wart Orange and Tiffany's Blue. 
I have created these so that each of the ladies can use both their respective letter and the surround on projects... bit of a two-for deal lol.