Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pretty Painted Flowers

I've been playing with my Lindy's Stamp Gang Mists to colour flowers looking for inspiration and experimenting as I do...
And I wanted to share some images of my playing. 
These all started out as plain white flowers... but now they are far from plain or white.
They are all shown in pairs - left picture is without camera flash and right picture is with camera flash. The colours change between flash and no flash but also so does the shimmer and glitter which is why I've done it this way.
All products are Lindy's Stamp Gang unless otherwise stated.
All flowers were misted liberally with water prior to painting. The colours were all either painted on using a water brush or dropped from the end of the tube of the mister.
Three layers of flat white Bree flowers. Painted with Hag's Wart Orange; Crow's Nest Copper and Golden Doubloons. The layers are held together with a gold glitter brad (source unknown) which I also coloured with the Orange dripped on.
I really love the vibrancy of the colours here. They are just stunning. The orange has a mauve/purplish shimmer to it which is just so unexpected (unless you consider that it is from the Haunted Halloween set).
 Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted with Cotton Candy Pink inside and Witch's Potion Purple on the petal tips. Finished with Kindy Glitz - Black Opal.
 Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted all over with Tiffany's Blue (Now called Tiffany Lou Blue). Tips coloured with Luminere Radiant Rain Colour Concentrate - Sky and Kindy Glitz - Crystal.
I really love this flower, though to be honest neither photo really captures the true colour. It's more of an aqua/teal than it looks in either photo. This is a colour I love and have patterned paper that has been so hard to match, so I will be using this colouring formula again for sure!
Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted inside with Witch's Potion Purple and tips with Long John's Silver. 
The Long John's Silver has a brown/coppery base so gives an instant Vintage look to this flower. This is one of the Moon Shadow Mists which I really adore. I will be getting more of these... they just make creating that Vintage look, so much easier!!
Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted inside with Don't Eat The Golden Snow and tips with Golden Doubloon.
These photos really don't show the stunning gold shimmer of this flower. The Golden Doubloon has the brown Vintage base as well so looks aged without any hard work. (It has what I would call a "Dirty Gold" look rather than a shiny New Gold look.)
Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted inside with Cotton Candy Pink and tips with Jolly Roger Red.
Love this flower too. Yes I know there isn't a flower I don't like... don't get technical with me. I like this because it has a very natural look to the Vintaging. It looks a little like a beautiful pink rose that is a day or two past it's prime having perhaps fallen off the rose bush and is now starting to wilt a little.
Paper Rose from I Am Roses. Painted inside with Hag's Wart Orange and tips with Witches Brew Purple.
I love this flower because it is so out there and bright and almost garish (a bit like me). I love it's moodiness and unexpected colouring - purple and orange, both from the Haunted Halloween Set. Might have to use this colour combination very soon me thinks!!
Paper Rose from I Am Roses. This was painted by my four year old granddaughter Sonia-Marie with Tiffany's Blue (Now called Tiffany Lou Blue) and Cotton Candy Pink under supervision by Nana.
I love this flower because Sonia-Marie did it, and let's be honest I think everything she does is adorable, but doubly so if it is crafting with Nana!!
I've really enjoyed experimenting today, even though it may look like I didn't really achieve a lot. I don't have projects for any of these, so they will be going into my stash of flowers for the time being, but I will definitely be using them on projects at some stage.


Kimi Blundell said...

Paula,love how you have photographed these flowers. It is hard to capture the stunningly beautiful shimmer that lindy,s sprays give to your projects. Great to see some of the vintage colors. Now I will have to go fill my bottles of moo shadow mists....been hoarding them long enough!!!

Paula Lynne said...

Thank you Kimi.
You are right the Lindy's has such an amazing shimmer and I'm am yet to see a photograph that really does it justice. The effect has to be seen to get the true effect of it.
And yes... hurry up and fill those bottles and get using the stuff!!