Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shares of Grey - Week 32

Last week we had some absolutely glorious days, given it is still the middle of Winter.
And then the weekend arrived and so did the bad weather.
The good news is that the sky is grey... so photo opportunity...
These were all taken from my front door step looking up at the sky through the fine misty rain... shortly before it began to absolutely bucket down!!
 Close up of the grey... no extras...
And then with the extras so you can see where the close up came from. We back onto native bush donated to the local Council and those trees are really tall. I love that we can't be built out... but the bush is so tall that it blocks out a lot of sun... and means lots of spiders and creepy crawlers and rats and mice!!

 I know you're not supposed to take pictures looking into the sun... but this was just too nice. I really love the rays of sunlight... brings me hope that Spring and warmer weather will soon be here!

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