Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swap - Altered Flowers

So carrying on from yesterday's post about the altered chipboard letters for the "My Favourite Things" embellishment swap on Artistic Creationz website... I've also added as one of my other embellishments some flowers I have altered/coloured to match the chipboard letters and ribbons included in each participant's bag of goodies.
Now I have to confess, I wasn't planning on sharing these... why, because you are probably sick of me extolling the virtues and raving about how much I love my Lindy's Stamp Gang mists... and I don't want everyone switching off because you are sick of my raving or just jealous because you want some too. And especially as I posted about some altered flowers earlier in the week as well. But these flowers just turned out so well that I just have to share them and also because I did something a little different this time... some more experimenting with some of my supplies.
I originally thought about misting the colours on for a change but let's be honest, two toned roses just look so much more natural. Yes the Lindy's Stamp Gang mists are two toned... but I wanted to kick it up another notch before I put them away for a few days. So I pulled out my Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos and my Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels to see if they would play nicely with the Lindy's Stamp Gang mists.
And the answer is an emphatic YES!!
I just love these even more than I loved the last bunch of flowers I coloured... and I didn't think that was possible.
So here are the altered/coloured flowers for the swap. Once again I've taken with and without camera flash photographs so you can see the difference. The only other thing is that this time I used Ivory not White roses from I Am Roses.
Don't they just look stunning!! 
Left - Base colour was a light blue oil pastel with Lindy's Stamp Gang Tiffany Lou Blue dripped on the edge of each petal.
Right - Base colour was a dark blue oil pastel with Lindy's Stamp Gang Buccaneer Bay Blue highlights.
Left - Base colour was a Faber Castell Gelato in Guava with Lindy's Stamp Gang Witch's Brew Purple on the edge of each petal. This is definitely one of my favourite colours - I love the blue shimmer in there.
Right - Base colour was a mix of dark grey and black oil pastels with Lindy's Stamp Gang Screamin' Banshee Black which also has a deep blue shimmer to it. 
Left - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Butterscotch with Lindy's Stamp Gang Golden Doubloons for accents. Without the flash it almost looks creamy... but with the flash you can definitely see the beautiful golden colour that it really is.
Right - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Chocolate with Lindy's Stamp Gang Dark Chocolate Truffle on the tips of each petal. 
Left - Base colour was a mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Lime and Green Tea with Lindy's Stamp Gang Freaky Franken-Lime for on the tips of the petals. This is also one of my favourites because that green is so luscious and intense.
Right - Base colour was mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Guava and Bubble Gum with Lindy's Stamp Gang Cotton Candy Pink on the tips of each petal to accent. Unlike the altered letter yesterday, you can really see that gorgeous pink colour on the flower here.
Left - Base colour was Faber Castell Gelato - Blood Orange with Lindy's Stamp Gang Hag's Wart Orange for total yumminess. This would have to be my favourite colour combination of all of them. I really love this orange!!
Right - Base colour was a mix of Faber Castell Gelatos - Red Cherry and Chocolate with Lindy's Stamp Gang Cadbury Milk Chocolate on the tips of each petal as an accent.

I only have a few Faber Castell Gelatos at the moment which is why I had to use some of the Portfolio Series Oil Pastels, not that they didn't do the job equally as well. 
There are a number of lessons to be learnt from all of this experimenting - 
  • Don't be afraid to mix up your products and tools to get the effect that you really want
  • Don't be afraid to use scrapbooking, paper crafting and mixed media art products on other types of projects, rather than just their originally intended use
  • Don't be afraid to drip your mists, or add water to your gelatos and oil pastels to turn them into a paint so you can colour or alter items for your projects
  • And finally don't be afraid to do something different to what everyone else is doing... it's your art, so you can do whatever you want with whatever you want!


Dawn Turley said...

my goodness Paula. These are stunning... I have to say my embellishments are rather plain compared to these beauties...

Paula Lynne said...

Thank you Dawn that is very sweet of you. I'm lucky to have a whole lot of time on my hands at the moment, so I'm making the most of it. That and I'm an overachiever especially as this is the first swap I've hosted LOL