Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration Bombs 2

So recapping from my last post...
Feeling a bit funky (not in a good way)...
Lots of crafty ideas, got the MOJO (I think)...
But no idea where or why or how to start...
I'm not sure that my problem is a "Scrap Block" issue more of a needing to jump start my creative juices issues.

So I'm looking for some Inspiration Bombs!!!

Did your mother ever tell you... "If you didn't hurry up and clean up your room", "go do your homework", "wash the dishes" or any one of a hundred other things; then she threatened to put a bomb under you???

Well that's what I'm looking for... some figurative bombs to inspire my creative juices to start flowing and get my crafting going. {So poetic}

I know there are lots of ideas out there. Everyone has them. I also know there are some dated, overworked, over hashed, been around forever ideas and I also know all that not all of them work for everyone.

I've heard of...

  • Scraplifting someone else's work
  • Scraplifting your own work
  • Taking a challenge
  • Following a sketch
  • Using a journalling jar
  • Changing projects
  • Changing scrapping style... net curtains instead of drapes... (Carrie that's for you)
But what other new, refreshing, different, inspiring ideas are out there? 
What works for you?

What has been an epic fail... and what has been an epic success?

At the start of the year I signed up for a series of free video blog classes being run by Nathalie Kalbach from Nathalie's Studio (Click on the link for free tutorials) along with a number of her incredibly creative and artistic friends. The first video in the series was by Dina Wakely from Dinastamps.

Dina talked about the warm-up process that athletes follow before they exercise, practice and compete and compares that to crafters. She posed the question... why don't we (crafters) also warm up before we create in order to get us more productive? Why don't we warm up before getting down and getting dirty (so to speak) to get us more into the mood to be creative? 

Being a proponent of "new age" things such as visualisation and motivational talking my first response was doh - why didn't I think of this? (I should also add that as a former competitive tap dancer and tap teacher... this should have been second nature to me... obviously it has been TOO LONG since I last had my tap shoes on.)

Do you warm up before you get into getting crafty?

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