Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Intervention Gets Under Way...

My great plan was to get the studio completely rearranged on Auckland Anniversary weekend as Monday was a public holiday which meant no work. Add to that the friendly weatherman had also predicted fine weather for the entire weekend and it looked to be a shoe in to happen... but it didn't.
The next weekend was another long weekend as Waitangi (New Zealand) Day fell on the Monday. 
So guess what I did... and I managed to rope not only dear hubbie but also step son and nephew into helping me. Of course as the later two are teenagers, they required payment but the slave labour wasn't too expensive and the good news was they helped to speed up the process considerably.

So we...
Emptied the studio almost completely... left the cupboards and boxes around the outer edge in place but cleaned out everything else.
Swept out the studio creating the world biggest indoor dust storm... along with some musical interludes of "broom guitar hero".
Finally laid the carpet down in the studio.
Completely rearranged the studio and turned the entire contents 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
Then brought everything back inside.

It was half way through this last step that the sky started to cloud over then turn dark and menacing so the returning everything back into the studio became somewhat of a race as wouldn't you know it... paper and water don't always play nicely together.
So things kind of got dumped any where and everywhere but at least they got there dry, intact and in once piece.
The plumes of dust come out to great me.
Thank goodness we have a big back yard. (And lets play spot the ranch slider to no-where - whose silly idea was that Mr Previous House Owner??)
Nephew Scott (L) and step-son Kurt (R) doing the sweeping.
The rock star himself... need I say more!!??!!

And then everything was brought back in and dumped on whatever clear surface area could be found...

Now to turn this into some semblance of order, so I can actually find things when I want.

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