Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Challenge Entries

OK... I'm fulfilling two completely separate challenges here because I can.

The first is a "Three-Way Challenge" between myself and two very good scrapping friends of mine. It's an idea I came up with based on a similar challenge I have seen in Scrapbooking Magazines where you are all given the same photo and told to scrap it. We went one step further and the three of us each printed three copies of one or two photos, then we traded the photos so that we each ended up with three different sets of photos. We then brought them home to scrapbook. We have until early March to get them done when we will trade back the completed pages.

The second challenge is the Scrapdango Sketch Contest on the Page Maps Blog.
I have scrapped all three pages using the same sketch, both to enter into the contest and also to prove how versatile one sketch can be, even when used by the same scrapper.

The sketch I worked from (including the prize for the contest above the sketch):

Here are the layouts:


This is my good friend Glenna's mother. The journalling reads "Beach Front Photo Shoot".

"Princess Grumpy"

This is my good friend Tania's niece Brooke on her third birthday. The journalling reads "Brooke really wasn't happy about having her photo taken on her 3rd birthday, despite looking like a beautiful Fairy Princess." I love the way the patterned paper looks like an extension of her fairy wings from the placement of the photo.

"Those 70's Sisters"

This was one of my photos (I didn't use the second photo because I loved this one too much on its own.) Having seen the other ladies' photos I would have preferred printing my one a little larger, but knew I had to stick with what I had as that was all the others had to utilise.
The journalling reads "Circa 1973/4. Photo by Granddad Wilson. Digitised from slide by Uncle Bill Wilson. Scrapbooked 19.20.2010"
The title was stickers and rub-ons on a hand cut transparency journal block.

Aside from the sketch I also wanted to utilise some other commonalities across all three layouts. These were:

  1. Use of hand stitching - a personal favourite technique of mine
  2. Use of ribbons in particular as right hand edge for photo - because both my friends love ribbons but most especially Tania
  3. Use of flowers as Glenna is definitely a flower lady and I love the way she uses flowers on her layouts

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Miss Wendy said...

awesome!!! gonna have to scraplift that layout!