Friday, April 9, 2010

Kiwiana Charms

My good scrapbooking girlfriends and I are participating in a swap amongst ourselves for some small charms for a charm bracelet. The theme is Kiwiana - all those iconic symbols of what it really means to be a Kiwi (New Zealander).

I have passed on my four sets, so wanted to post pictures of both the charms and the tags that I attached each charm to, as these were more creative work earlier in the week. 

By the way, the charms are all less than 1" high.

My charms are:

  • Paua (abalone) shell dangles
  • Marmite (a yeast based breakfast spread)
  • Jandels (also known as thongs or flip-flops)
  • Black Singlet (iconic as worn by Wal Footrot in "Footrot Flats" as well as most Kiwi men. Considered by men to be the height of Kiwi fashion, not so much by the women in their lives LOL)

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