Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long Weekend... Epic Fail

Easter Weekend is over for another year.
I did have plans to get a whole lot of crafting done.
I started off well.
Thursday afternoon, dropped off photos to get printed at Dick Smiths at their extra cheap photo price - 5c for a 4" x 6".
Thursday night, finished off some tags for a swap.
Friday taught a beginner scrapbooking class. (It was family so didn't count as working really).
And then it all fell apart...

I don't know what it is about me and long weekends, but I have a really bad habit of coming down with the flu at the worst times... usually right in time for a long weekend. 

And this year was no exception... grrrrr!!

I was too crook to go pick up the 370+ photos I got printed... though my darling hubbie was sweet enough to do it for me.
I did manage to look at them and sort them... eventually. I think that was Sunday...  though it could have been Monday... the days are blurry.
I did manage to crop some of the photos... just the white bits off the edge where the photo was for instance square, but that was it for crafting.

I hope everyone else managed to make the most of long weekend and got to enjoy doing something wonderful with the people most important to you.

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