Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 8

This one might prove to be a little more difficult if you are playing along at home my game of guess the grey thing...

I will start by saying I noticed this while I was sitting under our gazebo in the back yard with the family. It was a lazy weekend afternoon and we were enjoying the heat of Summer and trying to avoid it as well. I was enjoying a sip of a cool (the sun was starting to warm it up) bourbon and cola and nibbling on snacks (as you do) when I spotted this.
Usually we only notice the outside of these items as they are much more colourful... but this day it was the inside that took my fancy.
It was shiny in places but dull in others and it's smooth surface was becoming more and more permanently creased as it was used time and time again but those of us around the table. I looked more closely and could see odd grains of salt clinging to it's surface; each unwilling to leave the relative safety and security of their protection for part unknown.
Any ideas yet?
It is of course the inside of a potato chip or crisp packet. From here you can't determine what flavour the chips are... unless you taste them. That is something you can tell from the colourful outside of the packet not the hidden and plain inside.
Think that is me now caught up to date with these... so there will be some time before the next one though only days, not weeks!!

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