Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas Craft Challenge 2013

Today marks one month until the start of my Christmas Craft Challenge for 2013.
This year I have done some pre-planning as in previous year's but I haven't had much time for pre-doing as I've been working the past five or so weeks. Having not worked for nine odd months, getting back into full-time work had been surprisingly tiring... but that's not going to stop me from jumping into this year's challenge boots and all, so to speak.
If you've not scrolled through all my blog or you're new to following or even looking at my blog then here's the gist of what it's all about...
This is the fifth year I've done the Christmas Craft Challenge here on my blog. Each December, from the 1st until the 24th (and sometimes on the 25th as well) I post a Christmas Craft a day. Some times my creations take as little as 5 minutes to make and are designed for the non-crafter and the kids to make and some times my creations have taken me a few days if not weeks to complete. For me it's all about providing a little bit of inspiration for everyone else on crafts that you can make yourself for the Christmas season.
Now I have to confess... some times my definition of crafting may be a little on the broad side... like when I crafted Eggnog... we'd never had it before so it was a new thing (and some what potent) but it's really about just giving it a go and getting into the spirit of the season and generally having fun... and believe me after a few glasses of that egg nog... it was ALL FUN!
The other thing about my craft challenge is that anyone else is more than welcome to join in... it's not just about me, doing my thing... even though that's what happens. If you want to join in... whether you do a Christmas craft a day... one a week or one for the season... then let me know and I will add a link on my blog, so other crafty people can check out your creations as well.
So the countdown to the countdown to Christmas has arrived. Be sure to check back for updates, for links to anyone else joining in but most especially from the 1st December to check out my creations for my Christmas Craft Challenge 2013.
Here are some pictures from last years' creations...


Gypsy said...

I'd love to join in- I want to make a village of little glitter houses- but I also need to pack up the real house so I think crafting in December will be a pipe dream.

Paula Lynne said...

Yes as with everything some times we need to consider the real world instead of what we would like to happen in the relative safety and security of our crafting area. I can't wait to see your crafty village once you finally get started!!! And happy packing Gypsy!