Saturday, July 5, 2014

In eight weeks time...

Yes I know I have been absent, missing, neglectful even... I'm a terrible blogger, inconsistent, irregular... but hey life goes on and I'm not going to stress about it. (Once upon a time I would have been very distraught but now I'm more mellow... just ask my family).
I have been busy... not as busy as I would like actually doing crafting... a lot of spending on craft things but not a lot of actually using. I'm still working full-time and will hopefully soon full-time permanent which will mean no respite or additional time for crafting but it will mean more money for buying crafting type bits and pieces, and food and keeping a roof over our heads!!
I have also been very busy planning and actioning one of both my husband and my bucket lists items. Eight weeks tonight we will be finally winging our way to the US from little old New Zealand. It will be a combination holiday and business trip as I hope to visit some crafting shops as well as attend some classes... still working on finding what's available, when and where we are going to be.
We will be catching up with some online friends including some crafting friends of mine who I can't wait to meet. The first part of our trip is quite planned as we are driving from Los Angeles to Oklahoma and have to be there in time for a 50th birthday. After that we will be reverting to what we New Zealanders refer to as "Tiki Touring" our way to Newark where we will finally start our journey home. Just seeing where the road takes us, stopping where we feel like stopping and just enjoying a hopefully relaxing holiday (or vacation lol)... yes and squeezing in as much crafty goodness as I can get away with while trying to make sure my husband is not totally bored to tears.
Watch this space for updates before... during (hopefully)... and after our fabulous trip.
And if anyone has any suggestions for MUST VISIT places along the way (especially crafting or vintage type places) please let me know.

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