Sunday, March 28, 2010

Online Scrapbook Class - Mini Basket

This afternoon I participated in one of Laura's "Following The Paper Trail" Paper Craft classes streamed live on UStream. Although the streaming seemed to be almost constantly buffering (which made it really difficult to follow at times, especially when you only got half of the instructions) I still managed to completed the class before the end of the live stream. (Thank goodness for all the chit chat is all I can say.)

You can find Laura's blog on this at Easter Basket Class which includes a link to the UStream where you can view a recorded version of the class. I'm not sure how long it takes for Laura to get the recorded version loaded, but be sure to check back a couple of times. She also has some other classes available on UStream not to mention her classes on You Tube.

Here is my finished Mini Basket. I may add some extra decoration and embellishments to the tags, but I also like them simple and plain just as they are.

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