Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Off-The-Page - "J" for Jordan

I saw these blank letters at Spotlight a while ago and thought they were so cool. Then I saw them a bit later on sale, so I hunted through and found the letters I needed.
Over the period of about a week I finished off four letters all completely different. Three boys for my nephews - Jordan, Dallas & Troy and a little girl for my Granddaughter Sonia-Marie.
You won't get to see them all straight away. You like the kids have to wait until their birthdays... yes I know I'm mean.
Here are the stages of development of Jordan's "J". And yes I know his birthday was a while ago, I just haven't had a chance to share this with you until now.
The "blank" letter.
I first painted the edge and a little of the front.
Then painted the back as I wasn't going to cover this side.
Then covered the "J" part - pre-sanding.
Then I painted the body and hair. Luckily they were all blonde lol. I also then dressed them.
 I also tried to texture the hair a little so it looked a bit more realistic. 
Using a fine tipped felt pen I hand drew in the facial features. 
 Then painted in the teeth and eyes.
 Finally I added their individual names and decorated each letter.

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