Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scrapping Style?

I was reading the January 2011 edition of Creating Keepsakes and they have an article on changing your scrapping style which I enjoyed reading. It did however get me started (once again) on trying to decide "what is my scrapping style?"
I'm sure those who know me and some of my creations will probably be able to answer the question - about my style - relatively easily but I'm still lost as to what my style is.
I don't know that I have a particularly style as I tend to change the style of the page I am creating depending upon a number of factors...

  • The theme of the page I am creating
  • The look of the photos and their style
  • The patterned paper I end up using
  • My mood (sometimes I am in the mood for lots of embellishments, sometimes I go minimalist)
  • Sometimes the layout just seems to tell me it needs a little bit more here or there and sometimes when I place the little bit more it just doesn't look right so I take it right back off
  • I tend not to plan my pages (general statement though I am trying to plan a bit more so I can be a bit more productive instead of relying on the inspiration flowing) so how the style flows is what the page ends up like.
Anyway... so I spent some of my creative time this afternoon instead, trolling the internet looking for definitions of what are scrapbooking styles so I could determine which one I fit into. And basically I came to the conclusion there is no clear definition of what one scrapping style is compared to another as everyone has their own opinion. So I turn full circle and go back to the aforementioned article and refer to the eight (though I am sure some people may say there are more) styles that they refer to and how to achieve this style.
  1. Artsy Style - Combine patterns; add ink & paint; create your own backgrounds
  2. Graphic Style - Use minimal supplies; use straight lines; create white space
  3. Clean & Simple Style - Use a grid or template; limit embellishments; use patterns sparingly
  4. Shabby Chic Style - Add clusters of accents; layer embellishments and ribbons; rough up the edges of your pages
  5. Sophisticated Style - Dress up an accent; add personal touches; use patterned paper strips as ribbon
  6. Cutesy Style - Add pre-made products; use a nickname for your title; use bright, fun colours
  7. Whimsical Style - Create a scene on your background; use playful fonts; choose fanciful products
  8. Classy Style - Use solid colours; keep it clean; focus on the photos
So reading through that I would have to say I tend towards...

A graphic, clean & simple, sometimes shabby chic look which uses cutesy colours with a whimsical style of fonts and classy solid colours.

Do you agree?
And what is your style?

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