Monday, August 27, 2012

Red Flowers Swap

I've signed up for another couple of swaps this month over at the new forum at Scrappers Obsessionz. This month the theme was "Red".
Every time I hear the word "red" I can't helping thinking of my favourite speech from one of my favourite movies - Kinky Boots. 
To quote Lola "Burgundy. Please, God, tell me I have not inspired something burgundy. Red. Red. *Red*. *Red*, Charlie boy. *Red*! Is the color of sex! Burgundy is the color of hot water bottles! Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life."
This month's flowers...
There are three people in each swap group and we each create three flowers.
 These are a sheer organza with a burnt edge.
 These are lace with a painted cardboard button and rhinestone accent.
These are tulle and ribbon with rhinestone accent.

I have to say I'm finally starting to enjoy making flowers, though the perfectionist in me still thinks they need more work.

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