Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 27

Sorry a little late on this one as I was "tied up" with a craft fair all last weekend... and preparing for most the week before that.
Can you pick what this is?
Hopefully you've come up with a few different ideas. Obviously it's metal pins or pipes or tubes of some description... the solution is contingent upon determining the extent of the zooming...
Before I give you the answer... there is something magical about the way metal reacts when used. What was once shiny and reflective becomes dull and scarred. Sure you can attempt to polish it to bring back that original lustre and shine but its never quite the same. Never quite as smooth or as polished or as reflective.
And these items are no exception. They have been well used, though not exactly for their originally designed purpose...
They are...
Butcher's hooks... not usually part of your scrappers/crafters tool kit, though they are part of mine. I use these for hanging my peg boards in the studio at home or when I take them (and anything else I want to hang) to a craft show, to hang from the dividers that separate the stalls at craft shows. The dimensions of the hook fit perfectly over the width of the portable walls and they are strong enough to hold a fairly heavy load. I would definitely be lost without them now that I have them in my stash. They look a bit viscous and if handled incorrectly could do some damage to soft flesh, so definitely a tool that I take care with.

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