Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zombie Cakes??

I know it's not strictly crafting is the paper crafting sense of the word, but this week I have been creating with flour and eggs and stuff... well more specifically pre-prepared frosting and a box of cake mix... did I mention I'm not really a baker??
This weekend is my step-daughter, Alysha's 21st birthday and she asked if I would make her birthday cake. As I mentioned in a previous post the theme for the party is "Zombies" so it had to be a theme appropriate cake design.
I trolled the internet for a few weeks and came up with some ideas of what I could potentially "attempt" to create.
Then when I was a SENZ I spoke to the lovely cake lady on the Absolutely Crafty site about my ideas and asked for some product suggestions. She suggested some GoBake Easy Frost and Flavacols with some Satin Ice Fondant. Being the experienced baker I am (NOT) I took in everything she said, bought what she suggested and went from there.
So here is the end result...
And with the candles added...
The cake was made in two pieces... and is two different types of cakes.
The "Tombstone" is a rice bubble and marshmallow cake - the "in thing" for cake toppers so I'm told. I made the rice bubble cake in a shallow tin and left it to set for an hour or so.
I cut the cake to shape and lopped off the bottom at an angle so it would automatically lean to one side as if the tombstone had been disturbed.
While it was setting I blended some white and black Satin Ice Fondant to get a marbled grey colour which I rolled out large enough to completely circle the entire rice bubble cake.
I then added some more black fondant to make a darker grey fondant to make a very poor "RIP" for the front. I then left this to dry for a couple of days, turning it over once to allow the back of it to dry as well.
The next day I made the second part of the cake. I bought a Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix which came with a prepared chocolate frosting, so made it up according to the instructions on the packet. I baked it in the same pan I had used for the rice bubble cake so that I knew they would be the same size.
I rolled out some more of the Satin Ice white fondant and layered this over the chocolate cake.
Then I made up the GoBake Easy Frost mix I had bought at SENZ and added icing sugar and some green food colouring to colour it for the "grass". I tried not to blend the colour too much so that I would get some variations of green for the grass but when I piped it onto the cake that it all blended anyway turning from this vibrant green to a mushy pea green.
I piped the grass around the sides of the cake then started up onto the top of the cake as well. After a couple of loops of the top of the cake, I sliced the fondant down the length of the cake in a zig zag pattern and piped frosting onto individual pieces of fondant. I then folded back the pieces of fondant over itself leaving exposed chocolate cake in the centre. I repeated this step for the entire cake.
I spread the prepared chocolate frosting that came with the cake mix over the exposed cake as well as the "inside" of the peeled back fondant for the exposed dirt from the Zombie escaping the grave site.
To finish off the this bit of the cake, I lightly sprinkled milo powder over the chocolate frosting as well as a little sprinkling on the grass as if it was bits of dirt that had been spilled out.

Overnight I left the cake on the bench, though had to get creative to keep the cats and any sticky fingers from touching the cake without ruining all my hard work...
The morning of the party I put the two cakes together and then added the final touches. Some drops of GoBake Raspberry Flavacol to look like drips of blood and the candles.

I couldn't resist adding these candles as well as the "21" candles... they were just too perfect!!
My step-daughter loved the cake and that was all that mattered. It didn't taste too bad either.


Carrie said...

Well done Paula, what an awesome result - especially for a non baker!

ScrapFX said...

Thanks Carrie, I really appreciate your comments as I know how wonderful a cook and baker you are!!