Thursday, September 5, 2013

"My Favourite Things" Embellishment Swap

The July swaps on Artistic Creationz have been received and sorted for posting back to all the participants. I've created a couple of videos to share what all the swap items from everyone were, though I know the videos might be a bit long for some to access, so here are some pictures. With eleven of us in the swap, there were just too many items for one video, hence the two.
Video Part 1 -
Video Part 2 -
The only swap I don't have photos of is my own... because I didn't make up a pack for myself, but I do have some blog posts of some of the things I included here and here.


Dawn Turley said...

a totally awesome swap Paula. thanks for being the organiser.

Paula Lynne said...

Thank you Dawn and it was my pleasure. Definitely a big shout out and think you to everyone who participated for making it so awesome!