Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathurst & other Sunday pursuits

It's Sunday 2.40 in the afternoon. The sun is shining outside, glorious in all it's splendour after a few days of hiding behind clouds and rain. And instead of being outside enjoying it... maybe doing some of that gardening I keep promising myself I am going to do (thanks for the inspiration ladies) but instead I am inside parked infront of the TV watching Bathurst.

This may sound a little strange given I am such a girlie girl, but I am a die-hard petrol head and lead foot from way back. I went on my first rally when my mother was six-weeks pregnant with me, so I guess you could say it's in the blood.

I'm multi-tasking. (Thought I should explain that given I said I'm typing this yet said I was watching Bathurst). As much as I love watching Bathurst, I still find I need to be doing something with my hands otherwise I start to get all fidgety. So I am.... watching Bathurst, writing my blog, chatting online to a very dear friend, checking my Facebook page, collecting my Farmtown gifts from my Facebook page (it's been a while), enjoying a nice cold slightly alcoholic drink and contemplating making some more jewellery. (I made my first bracelet last night.)

I'm also looking slightly guiltily at something I need to get sent through to a friend. I promise to get it done later today. Will not go to sleep until its done.

So anyway here is a picture of the bracelet that I made yesterday. It's the first I have made so may be a bit of over-kill but I think its lovely and perfect for a Pacific Christmas... which is getting far too close too fast. I can't believe we are nearly half way through October already. Where has the year gone???


Julie said...

Just happened to find your blog and wanted to say the bracelet you made is beautiful. I know about needing to multi-task also. Take care.

Gee said...

All I can say is about B*&&%$ time. Love the bracelet, good to see you finally wiping the dust of your

Queen T said...

Love the braclet - I think one would look good under my christmas tree with my name on the label (hint hint) - he he he