Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tooth Ache

I'm not now, nor have I ever been a fan of Dentists... sorry if anyone reading this is a dentist... but they and their equipment and the smell and the sound just make me cringe... even the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine.

So why the sudden interest (or lack thereof) in dentists... a few months ago I had tooth ache so I went to the dentist and he put in a temporary filling. Now it seems that the temporary filling may have finally fallen out. I know this because for the past week I have been feeling the odd twinge of pain in the tooth that I know I had the filling in. Alas over the weekend the twinges got a little bit stronger and a lot more frequent. 

I have therefore spent much of today avoiding all food and drink completely and popping pain killers and would you believe - rubbing bonjella on my gums - in an attempt to reduce some of the pain.

The really funny part is that I had to tell my granddaughter's parents not to touch MY bonjella as bubby is currently teething.

The biggest problem is not the pain... that comes and goes even though at the time it can be fairly debilitating (sitting there holding my jaw, trying to will away the pain or use some kind of primitive acupressure is not all that attractive) it is the time inbetween the pain that can be the worst. 

What do you do while you wait for the inevitable to happen? What do you do while you are not in pain, yet you know that the pain could reappear at any moment?

If I was more organised (and yes I can see some of you reading this saying that is a really big IF Paula) then I would have a list of tasks with all the right equipment and all the necessary tools at hand ready for all those moments between the excrutiating pain bits. 

But I'm not that organised and in reality I am just a big woosey. Unfortunately what this means is that I didn't achieve anything creative today at all. I did manage to download some digital scrapbooking elements from some creative websites... though I still have not managed to actually look at what I have downloaded. I will post some links and give some credit to the talented people who have created these things and most importantly made them available FREE online to other creative people such as myself.

Alas that is all for today... apologies its not more exciting or more creative... promise to make up for it tomorrow (or later today to be more accurate).

Here however is the Mini Album I created for our Camp Challenge at Scrap Camp a couple of weeks ago. The theme was "Key to my Heart". We were given the theme, a silver double heart charm, a silver heart paperclip, a silver key, some white ribbon with hearts on it and some silver fabric / paper stuff.

Will add additional photos later today!!

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