Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crafting Passionz - Flower Swap 1

I'm finally starting to get into some scrapping having at last once again found my mojo and inspiration. Admittedly its just a couple of swaps through Crafting Passionz a group created for Aussie & Kiwi Scrappers but I have high hopes that it will lead onto bigger and better and more creative endeavours... as these have been seriously lacking of late.

I joined in a swap to create two types of flowers - one from ribbon or fabric and the other from paper. Todays blog will show you the fabric flowers I created. Come back tomorrow to see the paper flowers I created as the second part of the swap.

I thought the first flower looked too simple, hence the creation of a second fabric flower even though the swap is only for one of each.

Both flowers are die-cut felt which I cut using my Sizzix die-cut machine. As an aside, I have found that felt cuts really well with the larger "original" Sizzix dies, but not so well with the Sizzlet dies. I think it is something to do with the depth of the blade... though I'm only guessing. The dies cut a set of 4 petals with each cut, though I didn't use the smallest petal as it was too small.

I layered each of the petals then hand-sewed sequins and beads to hold the layers together using some coordinated embroidery thread.

These were really easy to piece together. I may have to try some more experimenting and mixing of colours for more stunning flowers for my scrap booking.

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