Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Circle Journal

This week I received my Circle Journal back from the girls with the Crafting Passionz Forum. There were seven of us in it with it being the first time for a number of the participants.
I have to confess to re-using a previous Circle Journal album but that is because this theme has always been a passion of mine. I've always loved hearing about how couples met each other and have thought about writing a book on several occasions, so how could I resist a Circle Journal album where my scrapping friends tell me all about their significant other.
Here are the most recent additions to my "Love Starts" story.
This is the album cover and felt bag that the album fits into. The felt bag (with chocolates & teddy) was a valentine's gift from my darling hubbie and was so cute that I held onto it for a few year's before it gained a second life.
Close up of the album cover. I painted it as I didn't like the original cover, then added the Making Memories "Love" adorned with ribbons and rub-ons.
The ever important Circle Journal Instructions (in cute heart font).

These were my two creations as I have been married twice so have two stories to share as to how I met the men of my dreams. 
 Kim's Contribution 
 Veronica's Contribution
 Shar's Contribution
 Faith's Contribution
Suzanne's Contribution
Lynley's Contribution

I can't thank these ladies, as well as all my other friends, enough for sharing their respective "Love Starts"... the story of how they met their significant other.


jude said...

i Paula,
Thanks for the linky, I really love your CJ, and all the ladies contributions.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

hey paula they all look romantic!
thanks for the link