Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TradeMe Bargain

For some time now I have been looking for furniture for my craft studio aka the Dungeon (yes it comes complete with spider webs). I don't care if the furniture looks pretty or not, or whether or not it all matches just as long as its functional.  
As money is pretty tight (damn this recession, hurry up and be over) I really haven't been looking at that seriously for furniture though I have managed to pick up some bargains over the past couple of months.
First there were the lovely soft padded chairs and my wheelie chair that I picked up from the place I am working at the moment. Nothing is worse than sitting for hours intent on creating and scrapbooking only to try to move and your butt has gone to sleep cos the seat is too hard.
I got the chairs for $10.00 each... a real bargain as far as I was concerned but the bargain I picked up today beats them hands down. My apologies if I sound like I'm gloating but I'm just so stoked with my purchase.
I was on TradeMe when I spotted a listing for a magazine rack thingey. No one had bid on it and it was listed at $1.00, no reserve so I put on my watch list. I thought it was smaller than what I wanted, but that it would still do the trick - what I wanted was somewhere to store and display packs of paper and the like (cork sheets, double sided adhesive sheets etc). 
So the auction ran its course but no one bid, so it was offered to me at $1.00. I accepted only to be offered a second matching magazine thingey also for a $1.00 so I said yes to that one as well.
This afternoon I picked up the 2 magazine racks and the tri-fold screen I also won. Let's just say they were much bigger than I expected and only just fit in the back of the van with the seats folded up... thank goodness for people movers.
Anyway here they are... not in their final position, I need to rearrange the studio again, but they are at least at their new home.
 Yep... so considerably bigger than expected...
 Loving the drawers at the bottom for extra storage.
And my very cool screen which I have some interesting thoughts on what to do with this. Watch this space!!


Gypsy said...


Carrie said...

Wow, what a bargain and they are so lovely too. Look forward to seeing them all arranged.

Glenz said...

awesome, is that floor space in the background...haw haw haw

ScrapFX said...

LOL Yes Glenz that is floor space. You should see the desk space as well...

Glenz said...

woo hoo..