Thursday, November 24, 2011

Countdown to the Countdown

Today it is only a week until the 1st of December and all I can say is where has the year gone? It feels like it should still mid-May or June at the latest and certainly not almost on the back-straight towards the finish-line of the year. (I'm a car girl hence the motor-racing metaphor.)
I still have two more birthday's I haven't thought about before Christmas and one the day after not to mention all the family turning up on Christmas Day for dinner at Rosehill Manor (aka our house).
I have at least purchased a few Christmas Presents, (no birthday ones!) and more to the point I have made quite a start on the crafts for my Christmas Craft Challenge. I have been so tempted to give a few hints and glimpses of what is to come, but I don't want to ruin the surprise so sorry, but you will just have to wait. Good thing it is only for another week!! 
Be sure to come back and visit from the 1st December through to 24th December to see this year's instalments of my Christmas Craft Challenge. And fingers and toes crossed, hopefully even a "How it all turned out on the day" post on the 25th... if I haven't fallen asleep after all that yummy food I know I will be eating Christmas Day.


Gypsy said...

Still hoping to join you. But not at all convinced I'll be able to.

ScrapFX said...

Completely understandable Gypsy. You have your hands full at the moment.
Just knowing you are taking time out to read my blog is fantastic support and encouragement.