Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolutions and other stuff

Despite the fact I already feel so much more organised this year and I have some great new tools to help me, I still feel a little like I haven't achieved much craft-wise.
I know part of this is because I was so crafted-out after the Christmas Craft Challenge that I didn't want to even thinking about crafting for a wee bit... 24 blogs about 24 different craft items... I was due a break. Unfortunately it's also that my craft studio is such a mess that I dare not start anything until it is returned to some semblance of order.
The reasons for this are many...

  • My craft studio was destroyed for Christmas Day. As we had Christmas Day at our place, with all the family, we needed extra tables and chairs so some of those in the craft studio were borrowed but not put back exactly where they had previously been.
  • I also had great plans to do a complete overhaul, clean out, rearrange, revamp over the Christmas holidays but that didn't happen for a couple of reasons... 1) because the weather has been so miserable that there was no way I could open the studio door and take everything outside to then rearrange and clean and stuff and 2) because in the last week or two before Christmas I tore the ligaments off my bicep so I am on a strict NO HEAVY LIFTING policy for at least six weeks. My physiotherapist has been very strict about this. Even if the weather had been good, I still couldn't lift everything to move it around and as much as my family love me... I couldn't see them doing all of it for me. (At least not without considerable grovelling, begging and significant money payments being made.)
I am in the process of planning a Studio Clean-Up which anyone can join in with. It will be running along the same lines as the 52 week household cleaning challenge I am participating in and will be based on a wonderful scrap clean-up and organisation challenge I found online, though with a few differences. I need to consider things not only from a personal scrapping point of view, but also from a business point of view in that my scrapping space is not only used by me, but also by my customers who come here to buy products, and attend crops and classes.

Despite my misgivings about it, I will be taking some photos before I start to clean up, so I can share the "Studious Horribleness" with some before and after shots.

But has this got to do with my New Year's Resolutions. The past couple of years I have scrapped double page layouts of my New Year's Resolutions. I didn't blog 2010 but here is the 2011 layout. So far this year I still haven't been able to suss out what my resolutions are. I've started but they are still not in a workable format... if that makes sense.
I'm an accountant by trade, which means I think in dollars and cents, numbers and stats... boring I know. It also means that I have to have things in terms that are measurable... far too many performance management seminars in my past for me to ignore the concept.
Some things are easy to measure. This year I want to complete the following scrapping/crafting targets...
52 layouts in 52 weeks
52 cards in 52 weeks
12 off-the-page projects in 12 months
These are easy to measure. I've even made a special chart to record my performance which now has pride of place in my Annual Planning Folder.
It's just everything else I'm having trouble with. I'm sure I will suss it all out before the end of the year!!

Has anyone else set them self a target for layouts, card or OTP's for the year?
Does anyone else scrap their New Year's Resolutions or "Manifesto"?
And is anyone interested in joining in the Scrap Organisation Challenge? 
I will post some more information about this in the next day or two. You are welcome to join in for the whole thing or just bits and pieces of it.

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