Saturday, February 5, 2011

Layout - 2011 Resolutions

Ok I scheduled this to go through Thursday night. Guess that will teach me for not double checking it went... like I did on Wednesday. Sorry its late.

Last year I created a two page layout to document my New Year's Resolutions so I decided to do it again this year as well.
2011 Resolutions:

For the records, yes that is real blood on the page. Not sure if it is acid free but it's staying... who said this scrapbooking hobby isn't dangerous. First I suffered a broken tail bone and sprained wrist, now there is bloodshed. What will be next???
Yes I hand stitched around every segment. Much of that was done while crawling up Hobson Street from the Downtown car park to the motorway on-ramp heading South every day after work. When about 6 blocks takes 45 minutes, the wise person takes something to do in the car. Wonder what other scrapping I can do while driving???

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