Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best & Worst - Rub-Ons

One of my favourite embellishments to use on all projects not just scrapbook layouts are rub-ons, though I have to confess I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with them.

  • I love that in general they are all so easy to use. You simply cut out the desired design, position it and rub it into place.
  • I hate that there are exceptions to the general rule above... and that some do not seem to want to rub-off AT ALL no matter how hard or soft I try to rub them off the backing paper, no matter what tool I use either.
  • I also hate those that come off TOO easily and when you open up the pack you find that they are now permanently affixed to the backing sheet and are therefore unusable.
  • I love sheets of rub-ons where the manufacturer has squished in lots of designs onto one sheet including lots of small images because you feel like you are getting value for money as you can use them on so many projects. Or even better... two or more sheets in the pack!!!
  • I hate manufacturers and retailers who skimp on their designs per page and then charge the earth for only a few rub-ons.
  • I love that we can now find so many different coloured and colours of rub-ons, other than just black and white, though I still love these as well.
  • I hate that I can't always get the colour I want, of the colour combination I want (okay maybe I am just getting picky now lol), though I do understand the high investment required by retailers if they have to or choose to stock a huge variety of products and colours. I understand when they choose only to stock the most popular styles and colours - it just doesn't mean I have to like it. And yes I understand that you can't keep 100% of the people happy 100% of the time.
  • I love that some overseas designers and manufacturers are starting to cater for the AUS/NZ markets by including words spelt our way such as "MUM" & "MOM" and Autumn as well as Fall.
  • I hate that we are still bound by US/UK seasonalities though for the majority of products. For instance most Christmas products are Winter themed and coloured, and most Winter themed products are also Christmas related. And what about countries like AUS & NZ who have temperate Winters... NO SNOW????
  • I love manufacturers that include a rub-on tool/stick even if only a wooden Popsicle stick (and even though I now have hundreds of them).
  • I hate manufacturers that assume you have hundreds of Popsicle sticks at home, so DON'T include a rub-on tool with their product. Not everyone is experienced with a HUGE STASH (like mine).
  • I love that there is so much variety available... no longer just black letters. Now we can get different coloured letters, words, phrases, images, backgrounds, different materials, full pictures, components to make up pictures, scenes, all sorts of themes and combinations of all of the above.
  • I hate that too often the images and phrases tend to be very generic. I wish more designers and manufacturers would cater to things/lives etc outside of the box. For instance - blended families, adoptions, tom-boys, Civil Unions (instead of just male/female marriage), unusual pets, women and girls who like cars (or trains for Miss Wendy) and not just for the boys... or maybe its just me who wants to scrap outside the box????
Question for you...
"What alternative theme would you love to see a manufacturer bring onto the market as a new theme for rub-ons or any other embellishment for that matter?"

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Miss Wendy said...

Better music themes, they never quite work for me.