Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Card Day - Two cards from almost the same materials

Two very quick cards I whipped up tonight, a couple of pictures and a personal message in this blog.

I wanted to challenge myself to make two very distinct cards using the same materials with a common look to them as well... so here is what you get...
On a personal note it is with sadness that I share the news of the passing this afternoon of my step-children's Grandfather after a short illness. Although it was expected, the news has still come as somewhat of a shock to all of the family. At least his suffering has now ended.
As to be expected we never know how things will play out with all the arrangements that need to be made, so I apologise in advance if I miss any blogs over the next week. I know you are probably frowning to yourselves and saying I don't need to explain and I thank you for you understanding. I will however try to pre-prepare some posts.
Granddad Steve (Stewart) Sumbler, you will be missed.

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