Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missing Blogs

I have a really good excuse honest...

Thursday night I sorted and packed to go to crop on Friday night. I haven't been for so long so it took a wee bit to get organised... I'm out of practice.
Tried to print some photos to find my printer still won't print 4x6 pages - it just won't pick up the paper - anyone got any suggestions on what to try??

Friday night - I went to crop straight from work and wasn't home until after midnight. I did make some progress on an Off-The-Page project you will see later this week and some layouts including an un-finished one which has been sitting around for a couple of years. Still a bit to go on it but at least I made progress.

Saturday was just spent scrapping as well as some family time. I also spent some time cleaning my studio - which it was in major need of doing. Still a lot to be done but at least I made progress and did well and truly more than my daily allowance of 15 minutes de-cluttering... though as I haven't done any for a few weeks I'm probably still behind in my rations.

Sunday - sleep in though not that long considering the late night (early this morning) when I went to bed. I managed to finished 2 layouts which you will see over the next two weeks. I also did some de-cluttering in my bedroom and sorted out the washing from yesterday so maybe I am back ahead again now... JUST!!! Major achievement was finishing my OTP project which is great as it is hubbie's Valentine's present, well one of them. Don't tell him, but I'm sending him flowers as well... TO WORK!!! I will post a pic of the flowers tomorrow after we get back from dinner.

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Carrie said...

Don't forget to post a picture of the finished OTP item you started at Friday crop. Can't wait to see it finished, it was looking awesome just even 1/ done before you left.