Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas Countdown... Already????

OK... who stole the first half of the year?
I can't believe today is the 1st of October already!
I'm not panicking, even though I have not bought any Christmas presents... haven't even thought about buying any... I mean I still have three birthdays before Christmas Day.

But the 1st of October, means that it is officially time to begin the countdown to the start of the Christmas Craft Challenge for 2012 aka time for the planning to start.

The Christmas Craft Challenge is 24 days of Christmas themed crafting which I post about on my blog from the 1st - 24th of December. Christmas creations include anything completely or even just a little bit Christmasy - paper crafting, sewing, favourite Christmas recipes, jewellery, beading, crochet, knitting, felt craft, kids crafts, gifts, swaps, advent calendars or even the home-made calender for 2013.

This means that now is the time to get your thinking caps on, start planning your Christmas crafting and maybe even get a head start on it, because lets be honest... we are probably all going to run out of time as we get closer to the day... I know I do every year!!

Be sure to follow my blog to see all of my creations for the challenge this year and participate with your own crafts as well. You are welcome to do a craft every day, every other day or however many you can fit into your busy schedule. Even one creation would be totally amazing. Just let me know that you will be posting about your Christmas creations and I will add a link to my blog. It's really just that simple.

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