Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Swap - Charm

The specs for the swap said we were to create a hanging charm that would be suited to hanging from a mini album or the like with a Halloween theme... sounded simple enough... but then I made my Halloween Flowers and my Halloween Pins and my Halloween Tags and then I hit a brick wall as I struggled to think of something new and not a repetition of something I had already created. 
Much thinking later... and some experimenting and one or two epic failures... and this is what I came up with.
The completed charms for the swap. I decided to make a "Compact Compound Collection" aka a portable witches brew kit - things I think the witch on the fly would be likely to use on the go.
 The brew kit comes with an instruction manual detailing what is included in the kit. It hangs from a handy Swivel Clasp from Tim Holtz, designed to hang from the keys to your witch's broom.
The front cover and inside pages of the instruction kit.
Eye of newt - hand stitched felt eye ball, with button iris.
 Back of the eye ball showing the hand stitches veins. (I loved the way these ended up looking!!)
 Moonbeams - seashell crescent drop.
Shrunken Pumpkin - fuzzy ball with stitching to create the creases of the pumpkin skin.
Drop and a half of bat blood - stacked beads 
Evil Goblin Tear Drop - stacked seed beads with a tear drop bead.
Vial of Fairy Dust - recycled mini bottle filled with mixed glitter. Chain wrapped around neck of bottle and a vial label (so you know what is inside).

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Carrie said...

Paula, these are super awesome! Any good witch would want one of these!

Karen Cheyne said...

Impressed with your Halloween inspiration. Cool ideas!

ScrapFX said...

Thanks Carrie. I thought they were pretty cute too.

ScrapFX said...

Thank you Karen. It definitely helps having talented people around to inspire you.