Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh Broadband how I miss thee...

It's all darling hubbie's fault I tell you!!!

He plays online war games and has taken to leaving his laptop online all day and all night even while at work or sleeping so that he can keep building his cities and keep building troops and then he has to keep defending them from marauding opposition warrior hubbies who are all using up their wive's broadband as well. All well in theory... but what he still hasn't clicked onto is that even though HE'S not using his laptop, it's still using up our precious broadband allowance.

Hence why we have once again run out...

So I can barely get onto my website or my blog or my forums let alone think about loading up any pictures of any of my creating...

Am I the only one with a hubbie like this??? Please tell me I'm not.

Any way... this is why no posting and definitely no pictures. 
I keep forgetting how grateful I am for broadband until it gets taken away because we've used our monthly allotment and we go back to the dreaded D-I-A-L-U-P S-P-E-E-D... snore-fest ... go make a cup of tea while any page loads up!!! Maybe I need to up our package??

Good news is that instead of trolling the internet I am being creative... bad news I can't share it with you - yet!! But soon. New monthly allowance due sometime today so I will be able to post pictures tonight hopefully.
The other good news is that this is post number 248 on my blog, so I am going to celebrate blog post 250. No more hints as to how I will celebrate you will just have to pop back and check out the blog.

Okay... maybe one more hint... think CANDY!!

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Carrie said...

Ooh, post blog 250 from camp and share the candy with!!!