Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Creative Adventures Downunder - Part 1

I have been waiting for this event for six months.
At first it seemed like it would never get here. It was months away. No need to worry about it, just keep it somewhere in the back of the mind.
But then it was very soon and very nearly here and the time just seemed to be full of anticipation that it would be here.
And then it was the week before and time to get organised, pack and suddenly it felt like it would be here too soon and I wouldn't be ready and I needed more time...
And now it's over.
But they have announced there will be a 2014 version so I have that to look forward to now.

Until then and while I am still surrounded in the glow and happy feeling of a weekend full of crafting and spending time with like-minded people, I want to share with you some images and thoughts about the weekend.
It started officially on Friday 24 May 2013, but for those who were in Auckland and available could go through the registration process on the Thursday afternoon instead of rush through it all on Friday morning (at 8.00am - who's idea was that???). As I was available and had the time and so I could check out where I had to go and what the parking was like, I rocked up Thursday afternoon to complete my registration and check out the lay of the land.
There were a few others with the same idea. Some were local (Aucklanders) but there were a few who had come in from out of town or from overseas early as well. We checked in our name, received our name badge and group allocation (pink, red or orange), picked up our pre-ordered goodies, did a little extra shopping if we were so inclined and then were given a goodie bag of items donated by the generous sponsors of the event.
I was stagging it (didn't go with anyone else in particular) though did meet up with some friends that I made online during the lead-up process. They ended up in the orange group... and I was in the pink group. (As it always ends up).
I resisted the urge to check out my goodie bag until I got home, though it was very tough to resist!! Look at all the amazing goodies we received. The Cappuccino and 6" x 6" paper pack were given to us at the dinner of Friday night, but everything else along with our timetable and last minute updates were all included in the bag. I have to confess that I did remove things from the bag before taking my photograph, but hopefully I managed to get most if not all the things back together for the photograph.
We received...
Bazzill Basics "In-Stitchz" bag to hold everything in with a lovely blue ribbon around it so they all looked pretty. Bazzill "Just the Edge" Cardstock Stripes - mine are black with embossed spot - 12 pieces, 2 of each. Bazzill clear gemstones and a bag of "Punctuation" die cut chipboard also from Bazzill.
Pair of 8" Orange Handled Scissors from Fiskars.
Inkessentials Glossy Accents 18ml bottle from Ranger Industries.
Permanent Adhesive Glue Stick from Xyron. This has a curved edge as well as a corner so is a very interesting design.
Teresa Collins washi tape - grey with globes on it.
Clear mist bottle and a wooden block with velcro to attach felt ink blending pads (some were included). These were both labelled with the CAD logo. The wooden block had the logo burned into it - a detail I loved.
KaiserCraft file set.
Mini flowers in burgundy, cream and mauve.
Some wrapped lollies and a chocolate bar, which unfortunately did not make it through the weekend alive!
I hope I managed to capture everything there, my apologies if I didn't. This was a fantastic goodie bag with lots of useful items for the weekend of crafting and beyond. Thank you so much to all the sponsors who donated the goodies and for the organisers for preparing the bags for us. I know we all appreciated your generosity!!

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