Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fifty {Two} Shades of Grey - Week 21

This week and the next two week's photos are all related. They are all different parts of the same "beast". It's quite small, you can hold it in the palm of your hand (well if you have small hands like me, then your hand) and though there are many, many makes and models of this item, this particular unit performs the function it was designed for, for three different options. Does that sound as confusing and nondescript as I was trying to make it sound??

It is of course a battery charger. This unit has the ability to charge 9 volt, AA and AAA batteries here in New Zealand.This is of course where I would charge up 9 volt batteries and though I've never actually recharged 9 volt batteries with it, the other two types give it a regular work out. With the number of things around my studio, let alone the rest of the home, that require batteries to operate, this is considerably cheaper than always having to buy replacement batteries. Thank you to whoever invented them!!

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