Monday, October 7, 2013

Art Journal Pages and Albert Einstein oh my!

Like many good art journal pages this one started without a plan in place... it also finished without one but that's just how I roll. The only thing I knew I wanted to do was try out my new Golden glazing fluid and maybe some Golden paint and my FW acrylic inks.
I had a page in my art journal which I thought might be a suitable starting point. I had been doing some stenciling with molding paste and had wiped off the stencil onto a page in my art journal, as you do, so was starting with a page that already had a little texture in place to catch the glazing fluid.
From there... the experimenting continued somewhat aimlessly until I got to the point where I decided I was done, having done so much in between that I really couldn't tell you step by step what I had done in what particular order.
I do know it include the following...
  • Tinted glazing fluid
  • More molding paste with stencils
  • Indian ink drawing with an eye dropper and dripping
  • Dripped and then scratched liquid inks
  • Distress inks
  • Misting with Dylusions and Lindy's Stamp Gang mists
  • Decoupaging torn pieces of book pages from an Asian print novel
  • A lot of drying with a heat tool... which also caused the molding paste to puff up a little giving extra dimension
  • And some alphabet stickers to include a quote from Albert Einstein
Part way through I was definitely thinking... what the hell am I doing as this looks "Fugly" but by the end I was definitely in love with it. Now I can't wait to do some more experimenting!
The quote by Albert Einstein...
"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree."
I chose this quote because when I had finished creating this page it looked like a forest of trees to me... so fresh and full of life!

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