Monday, October 14, 2013

More Retail Therapy... the prosecution presents the evidence...

So I confessed my sins last week about some spending I did...
Well then this weekend I went out and did some more spending, so I guess these means I have more to confess... (and yes I can see you were all thinking "No surprises there").
I have video evidence of the aforementioned crimes of spending money as I figured this was quicker and easier than me having to take a long list of photos... so you can check it out below.
I really love everything I have bought. There are some terrific and oh so adorable paper napkins in colours that are just so me!! (Especially the "Scaredy Cat" ones).
And I am so happy that we are finally starting to get some really cool (and really cheap) Halloween decorations available here in New Zealand. The fact the I am not going to use any of them as Halloween decorations it totally beside the point.
I can't wait to try out the spider web as a mask to see if I nailed it... or it's a big flop. I'm hoping for a positive outcome because I know if it works it is just going to look so cool.
The other thing that is also going to be either a huge hit or an equally ginormous flop are the syringes. Assuming they are the hit that I am hoping for (and I am a positive person so always believe that everything will work out for the best)... then I think the effects they produce will be amazing. Will have to try them tonight.
I have christened my florescent paints... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I will be sharing my playing in my next blog post. WAY COOL... did I mention I LOVED them???

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