Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing MOJO

I've lost my MOJO. I've lost my inspiration. And I've lost my interest in crafting full stop. 
That was my mantra until a few days ago.
I haven't got my MOJO or my inspiration or my interest in crafting completely back but at least I found a smidgen of it over the weekend. Admittedly it was more a result of time constraints than good management. 
We went to dinner at Dennys over the weekend to celebrate both my step daughter and my niece's birthdays. Although I've known for a few weeks about the dinner, Friday night came around and I still hadn't even thought about cards for them. So I decided I needed to sort my act out.
Below are the results of this self imposed sorting my act out. They're simple but I love the final effect of both of them. I'm not sure if its their simplicity or the bright colours of them, but something about them just gave me some hope that my MOJO was not gone forever. (Okay maybe that sounds a little over melodramatic, but when you've not felt like crafting for what seems like forever, even the smallest glimmer mist of hope feels good.)

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Anonymous said...

Love the cards Paula...they are very YOU! Join some more swaps.... I find that help keeps me motivated lol :) I can on the other hand send your mojo back to you in the post? LOL. Cheer up girl!!! Faith