Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Favour Bags

I've been an avid follower of Pinterest since I was invited to join, earlier this year. Aside from some recent concerning blog posts and forums regarding copyright and pinning (no doubt more on this later)... I consider it a valuable tool and inspiration to many a scrapbooker and crafter like myself (not to mention designer, photographer, budding chef, dressmaker and handy person).

As a humble Kiwi, I've noticed a lot of seasonal things on Pinterest that we tend not to do, or at least not many people I know tend to do... I can think of one exception off the top of my head. I know that it's not that I don't thank people for good service, I do. I always make sure to verbally thank people, often several times. I've just never thought of giving them something for regularly giving me good service or being a great teacher or a good neighbour. Of course the later two could be because my kids are always complaining about their teachers and we don't get on well with the neighbours... but I digress...

Where this is heading... is that I've noticed a awful lot of what are called "Favour bags and boxes" being shown off. Up until now, the only favour box I've heard of was given at weddings to thank guests for attending. Though in saying that, I have heard of small gifts being given to guests at children's parties but they were always like goodie bags or the like.

Pinterest pinners have shared some incredible favour gifts in every theme and for every reason under the sun. They range from something as simple as putting your own label on a bottle of lemonade to highly elaborate, purpose created and in my humble opinion, at times OTT favour boxes and bags with matching cards and goodness knows what else.

I'm not sure that I will ever really get into creating these in any big way, shape or form, though I may be convinced to create something special from time to time. Only time will tell.

I was convinced enough to create a favour goodie bag for a Valentine's swap through Crafting Passionz forum. We were allocated a partner to create a goodie bag for then send the bag along with some goodies to that person.

Here is the end result. I created one for my partner Jude and another which I kept for myself.
The bag itself was made from Teresa Collins' Posh double sided paper. It was overlaid with an embossed vellum bag. I decorated the outside with hand-pleated tulle and ribbon then finished off the decoration with spritzed flowers and bling.
Jude's bag with the pink velvet rick rack ribbon.
My bag with the black shiny rick rack ribbon. (I still haven't worked out which version I like the best... I like them both)
And the goodie bag with the goodies that went along with it. Not everything fitted in the bag, but that's ok.

If anyone is interested in seeing a step by step tutorial and getting measurements etc, leave me a comment and I will organise a blog post for you.


Jude said...

Awwwww Paula, your goodie bag is beautiful, I was so lucky and gratefull you were my partner. Those flowers are so cool, you will have to do a Tutorial on those as well.

Thank you Paula, very well written


Carrie said...

Paula those favour goodie bags are just gorgeous! I like both as well, but seeing as black is one of my main staple colours, think the black ric rac did it for me a little more.