Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Good Scrapbooking Rooms Go Bad

Three big things happened in December...

  1. Christmas Craft Challenge - 24 days of Christmas Crafts all posted onto my blog;
  2. Christmas Day with all the family at our place for the big day;
  3. I ended up will a torn ligament in my left elbow two weeks before Christmas.
Why are they such a big deal I hear you ask in anticipation...
Because the three of them combined lead to my craft studio looking like a total bomb site!! And unfortunately as of the first drafting of this blog... it still does. (This blog has been a draft a few weeks now, so finally starting to look like less of a bomb site!!!)

  1. Christmas Craft Challenge is 24 days of intense crafting. No matter how much pre-planning I do, or pre-preparation, or finishing early, the last week always ends up like a total mad-rush so I become somewhat guilty (okay A LOT GUILTY) of not putting everything back in its rightful place once I have finished with it. Working my way through this slowly as we speak.
  2. With 20 something people for dinner and our family dining table being 4' by 12'... it was too big to get out the door and down the stairs to the garage where we had Christmas dinner... the obvious place to raid additional tables and chairs from was my craft studio. It's downstairs already which immediately reduces one major obstacle. Unfortunately those that were so quick to raid the tables and chairs were not quite so willing so return them to their former positions. Too much food on Christmas Day methinks!!
  3. My physio had me on a strict no heavy lifting policy for six weeks or there abouts. Which meant I couldn't put anything back into place myself anyway.
Of course this now means I have to show the before pictures. Hmmmm not sure if I should as it looks so bad. But in interest of full disclosure (and as regular followers will know, I usually don't hold much back)... here it is at its worst.
No this wasn't staged.
Yes it did look this bad.
And no I didn't pick up or put down anything before taking the photos... these are raw, unedited, scrapbook studios gone bad footage!!!

OMG... that really did look bad!!!


Anonymous said...

I see things haven't changed:))))
You are documenting it so you have a reason to clean it up:))))) You can document the end result;) Justine

ScrapFX said...

In a couple of days you will be able to see the during and then hopefully not long after that the end result of all the hard work.

Carrie said...

I'm sure you'll have it sorted in no time - let me know if you have a day off and want a hand. I love organising - just not my own stuff-lol. Which reminded me, so I just turned around and looked at my own scrapbooking desk and yes it needs some serious attention too!

ScrapFX said...

Thanks for the offer Carrie I really do appreciate it.
I know what you mean. I find it's much easier to sort some one else's stuff rather than my own as well. I always think to myself, I might use that, that would be perfect for this... With someone else's stuff, there isn't that attachment lol.

ScrapFX said...

Prior to Christmas it was clean and more organised as I held a number of crops in my studio. I had room for six people... now I have room for more or maybe just room for them to bring more stuff!!