Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Circle Journal - 2012 Part 3

And finally the last part of my Circle Journal... before every one of my wonderful friends has done their bit... my pages.
I ummed and ahhed for a few days as to what to create here. I loved what I'd done with the cover and first page, then didn't know how to actually create my page up to the same level of intensity. I was at the point of resigning myself to having lost whatever spark on creativity I'd found when I stumbled across some art journal page on Facebook and Pinterest and then the light bulb went on.
Just create pages as if this is an Art Journal... too simple and too obvious. How did I nearly miss that?
And that is what I did.
Given my uncertainty as to what to do, I decided to create on other paper, which I could adhere into the journal, rather than risk stuffing up the rest of the journal, especially as one part had to attach onto the back of my instruction page. (I really didn't want to have to re-create that again!) 
I started with acrylic paint in dabber form and liquid with a foam brush. Didn't like it.
I added some stencilled white paint over the top. Didn't like it either.
I added some dry brushed white paint over the top. Still didn't like it.
I added some Distress Stain around the edges of the pages. Didn't like it and was getting ready to throw it away.
I added lots and lots and lots of Adirondack Colour Wash and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist then dried it with my trusty heat tool. And I finally liked the end result.
Yes I should have taken photos at the various different stages but to be honest I was nearly in panic stage because it SOOOOOO WASN'T WORKING!!
Here's the colourful end result after I then added stamped scrolls and my journalling in Archival Ink - Black. I just love the way it stands out against the colour... sexy!!
"Tools, Products, Pinterest, Techniques"

Page 1 (above) - Backs onto the instruction pages

"Swaps, Colours, Nature, Friends, Magazines"

Pages 2 and 3 (above and below) - are completely hidden when you first look at the layout as page 4, the "flap" is folded over the top of them.

"You Tube, Forums, Blogs, Facebook"

Page 4 (below) - when you first open to my pages you see page 1 and 4 and a little bit of page 2 peeking out underneath. The title "My Inspiration" was embossed in black, whereas the other pages are just stamped in Archival Ink in black.
I know I've said it a hundred times before, but the photograph just doesn't do the album justice. Even my new camera can't get the real subtlety and depth of colour. This really just needs to be seen in person.

Oh... and would you believe that all these pages, the tag and the instruction pages all started out as plain old white cardboard???

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jude said...

WOW!!!!!!!! AWESOME JOB PAULA! Gosh I hope I do it justice, thinking.....hehehehe