Thursday, May 10, 2012

Viewer Requests

Up until now, you've just had to put up with what ever it takes my fancy to write about but I'd like to give you the opportunity to determine some of the content... what is it that you would like to see more of, any of or none of in some of my posts?
I follow quite a few blogs on a regular basis. Some are purely craft related - scrap booking, art journals, manufacturers, scrapbook shops, kids crafts etc etc. A few are cooking related - mainly because I am always looking for inspiration because I really don't think I can cook and I would like to be a better cook. And some are totally out there, off-the-topic, wacky and there just because they make me smile, make me think and one or two that make me laugh so much I have tears streaming down my face on a regular basis.
I also look at a lot of blogs that don't appeal to me, aren't my style, don't inspire me and one or two that have just made my cringe... all of these are in the "Not Followed" list of blogs. 
Over the last couple of months I've read a couple of different blogs (sorry can't remember which ones they are but I would give them credit if I could)... with posts about why we follow different blogs and what inspires us to follow blogs.

Why do we follow... or rather why do "I" follow some blogs and not others?

  1. There must be something of interest in there for me. Sorry to all the animal lovers out there, but I am not an animal person so I probably won't follow your blog if all you are going to talk about is Fido or Fluffy.
  2. There must be something to inspire me. There are a lot of amazing crafters in the world. Some people have a natural talent and are able to create some amazing crafts. I love looking at people who create something different, that I've never seen before. These are the people who challenge me to expand my crafting, who inspire me to step out of the ordinary into the extra-ordinary... these are the people I follow.
  3. There must be a variety. I know I have a short attention span. I also know I like a "WOW" factor in things. I like something that grabs my attention. It may be colour, colour combination, style, styling (yes different from style), techniques, photography, products, visual impact or any of a hundred other things that make me stop instead of just flicking past. I also like a mix of projects - cards, layouts, off the page projects rather than different variations of the same thing. 
  4. They use the same products or techniques as me, but in different ways to me. And I like looking at the creations of people who have a different style to me. I am very much an experimental artist with a definite lack of formal training, so I learn through looking at what other people create then trying to find a way to recreate that look. I'm a "Reverse Engineer Artist" if that's physically possible. I really enjoy looking at creations where people have used products I know I have in my stash because they let me know I can create that too (or at least an approximation). Whereas if someone only uses products and tools I don't have, then I'm less likely to be inspired and more likely to go "meh - not interested". (Yes I know a bit shallow but such is my fiscal reality)
  5. I love step by step techniques and templates. I am a "Freebie Queen". I love freebies, getting something for nothing - refer fiscal reality above. I can't always/usually afford to pay for a class but I can afford to look at tutorials and classes online. I do have an issue with waiting for videos to buffer - I'm so not patient enough, so I prefer tutorials with photos than videos... but hey my preference not necessarily everyone else.
So what do you want to see more of?
  • New products and reviews?
  • More tutorials?
  • More variety?
  • More creations?
  • More pictures less chat? No chat?
  • More links to great website? Blogs?
Have your say...

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Gypsy said...

Hmmmm not sure how I missed this post. I'm a pictures girl too- I very rarely watch vids even on the 'big ticket' blogs like Tim and Ali. I often look at pictures first to decide if I want to read text on blogs where I don't personally know the other person. Too much text puts me off in those situations too. If I had one request from you it'd be your pics- I think you publish them medium which is how they upload- but your template can handle large without losing formatting... then I would have to click to get a better view of your awesome work! You probably already know but you just left click on the photo to get the size options.