Monday, May 14, 2012

Rolodex Card Swap

I've seen pictures of altered Rolodex Cards and I love them, so when Crafting Passionz hosted a swap, I jumped in boots and all thinking this was going to be great and fun and it would all slot in so nicely. And then I discovered that not all Rolodex were created equal and that there are different sizes of Rolodex cards. Hmmmmm.
And wouldn't you know it, my Rolodex cards were a different size to those specified for the swap. Oh well... I will see when the swaps all arrive back whether or not they all fit. No point worrying about it for now.
To me (in my humble opinion) Rolodex Cards are akin to ATC's (Artist's Trading Cards) and that is effectively how I treated them. Other than having a defined size and theme (in this case Shabby Chic or Vintage) they can essentially be anything you like. So I pulled out some scraps of cards (left over from my Christmas Cards), a single sheet of patterned paper and got stuck in.
I've probably said it a hundred times before but Shabby Chic/Vintage is not my general style of choice. These are styles that I struggle with, the same with Heritage scrapping. I love the look of them, but they are just not my natural scrapping style. The inspiration moves slowly... the MOJO doesn't always happen as easily as I would like but I know I need to push the creative me outside of my comfort zone so I do this style, albeit sometimes on the outer edge of what might be considered Shabby Chic or Vintage. (I think there may just be too much pastel for my liking LOL.)
I can't say I'm always happy with the end result but then I openly admit to being a perfectionist so I'm rarely 100% happy with anything!

The tickets are from a set of Christmas Printables from Miss Cutiepie which I found on line and have used on several occasions. They just suited even though it wasn't strictly a Christmas theme. The tissue paper is scrap from real sewing patterns (another crafting hobby of mine).

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