Saturday, March 23, 2013

Found poems, art journals and challenges oh my...

I've been thinking about these three things for a while...
Found poems... are poems you find in previously written texts by highlighting certain words in a page of text for instance from a classic book. They can also be made up from individual words found from various different sources such as magazines, which you put together to form a poem. Your new poem can then be decorated and adorned however you like.
I've seen pictures of found poems on blogs and Google and Pinterest (of course) and was both fascinated and amazed by them. And so creating some for myself, very quickly jumped onto my crafting to-do list (and stayed there for a while, undone).
Art Journals - another thing on my every growing to-do list. Again something I have admired in all the usual locations. I've watch YouTube videos on how to create them and various new techniques, but still it has sat on my to-do list. If you're not familiar with art journals they are basically your own random artistic creations usually done in a book or three. There is no rhyme or reason, no plan other than to provide a space for you to let your creations inhibitions go so you can just express yourself.
And finally challenges... well more specifically the weekly MOJO challenge on the Scrappers Obsessionz Group on Facebook. We've been a little remiss the past few weeks as people have been busy so we haven't had a challenge. And I've not participated in some of the weekly challenges for various reasons. So the past week I'd noticed that we hadn't really been posting many pictures of our work and I'd been missing the chatter that surrounds the challenge... it brings the members together... even some of the quieter ones who may not say a lot, but will enter into the spirit of a challenge.
So I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and put up this week's MOJO challenge for the group.
I provided a scanned page of text which was to be used for the challenge as the basis from where everyone's poetry must be found. I explained all the rules, provided links to examples and put the challenge to the group... many of whom had never heard of found poems.
I then created my challenge entry (not that there is really an entry as such and certainly no first place or prize).
My challenge piece is a found poem which I also made as my first art journal page... hence the three in one achievement.
So without any further ado... my first found poem, art journal page and challenge I have issued on the Scrappers Obsessionz Group...

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