Wednesday, March 27, 2013

True Blood... well Fake Blood really

I wanted to do a little something for a friend of mine, Chelle, over in Australia. We've not known each other that long but just clicked the moment we met and have just kind of adopted each other as sisters ever since.
We have the same taste in music, television, movies and our senses of humour are the same, warped and wicked and dry and sarcastic and not everyone gets it... but I digress...
We are both AVID True Blood fans so it seemed natural that what I sent her should be something along those lines.
I really love the way this turned out... not quite how I planned it... had a bit of a oppsy... but I managed to cover it up and I think it works.
The cover opened up to see the front and the back. 
I used Bazzill White cardstock and left it completely plain. I measured the size I wanted, scored a 1/4 inch spine and folded it to form a mini folder. 
I then mixed equal parts of Semco Acrylic "Classic Red" and Pebbles Inc "Red" to get the shade of red that I wanted for my blood, then thinned the mixture out with water to get the consistency I wanted in order to get the drips. 
Front cover... complete with mistake and cover up.
In order to create the drips, I loaded a reasonably fine paint brush with some of my liquid blood then scraped the bristles along the top of the cardstock effectively wiping the paint off the bristles, all while I held the cardstock upright to encourage gravity to do its job. 
This was somewhat of an exercise in patience. I made sure I didn't overload the brush each time as I didn't want all the drips to flow down to the bottom. For the shortest drips, I used one or two "scraping" of liquid blood. For the medium drips was three or four "scrapings" and the longest drips were five or six "scrapings" of blood.
Close-up of my "finger prints". 
I don't think I will ever make it on the police force. I struggled to get clear finger prints... even after a few trials on scrap paper LOL - but then as we all know I am a self-confessed perfectionist and I usually think I can do things better!!

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