Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More of me... which is why there has been less of me!

Just when you thought you had seen enough of me... because I seem to be everywhere... here, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my website, my company Facebook, my company blog, Linkedin... I go and find another way to put myself out there.
Where on earth is she talking about I hear you say... why of course... YouTube. Today I finally launched my own channel when I posted three videos. A couple of them are older ones from last year that I have only just been able to get to work on YouTube... one of the problems of using my digital camera to do my videoing... and the other was from only last week - a project I am still working on as we speak.
Though I haven't been posting on here all my creating, I have been busy creating things and learning new skills (lots of steep learning curves at the moment) and doing a lot of my usual experimenting!!!
At the moment there seems to be a lot of creating of one off new things, that require new skills and resources. For instance one of the things I noticed while watching other people's crafting videos on YouTube was the difference when someone added a header or start image such as their channel name before their video started. The video just looks a lot more professional right from the start. So I decided that I wanted to create something, a look you might say, to get me started from the first video I posted. Of course this is much easier said than done and hence the earlier mentioning of steep learning curves!!!
So after much fiddling and playing... here is the final result - version one, as it is likely to continue to change and develop because lets be honest, I am a perfectionist and I will never been completely happy with ANYTHING...
Now for the most important part... where to find me on YouTube so you can subscribe to my channel and follow all my crafting in real time, instead of photo by photo (though I will continue to do that here because sometimes that is just easier to follow!)
Channel -
Or here are links to the first three videos I have posted...
Junk Journal for Gail -
Aussie Junk Journal -
Altered Torso Base -

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